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Oahu Pictures - Waikiki Activities

Parasailing above Waikiki Beach with nearby Honolulu
Oahu Pictures - Waikiki Activities - Honolulu with Waikiki is a vibrant place of activity, a tropical destination that showcases the spirit of Aloha to the world and a great place for fun things to do!
Water Activities: Oahu Surfing at Waikiki Beach: Rent a surfboard for a 'surf session', or join a surfing lesson. Oahu Snorkeling at Waikiki: Rent snorkel gear and go out snorkeling, or join a sailing boat for snorkeling off Waikiki Beach or at Hanauma Beach. Oahu Parasailing: Book and join a parasailing session, it's fun and very affordable. Oahu Jet-Skiing: Book and join a jet ski session, its super fun ( there are combos available to do both together. Oahu Deep Sea-fishing: Book a share and join a fishing boat for half a day or longer, there are big fish out there! Or you take it easy, enjoying sunbathing and beach life at Waikiki Beach.
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