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Oahu Pictures - Sunset Beach

View of Sunset Beach, Oahu North-Shore, Hawaii
Oahu Pictures - Sunset Beach - got its name because the track of property that was for sale there was labeled the Sunset track and, of course, the area was known for its amazing tropical sunsets. Located less than a mile north of Banzai Pipeline along the Kamehameha Hwy, Sunset is really easy to find.
Parking for Sunset beach is found right off of the highway between mile-marker 8 and 9, where you’ll find an enormous two or three hundred foot wide sliver of white sand that expands for miles. The beach break can be pretty rough. Summer is the best time to catch Sunset Beach with calm conditions for swimming. When Sunset was discovered by California surfers, it became a popular beach depicted in early surfing films.
Wave heights can easily reach 40 feet plus at Sunset Beach. Starting in November annually, a week-long set of surfing competitions are held at Sunset Beach. Events include the Rip Curl World Cup of Surfing and the Quicksilver Roxy Pro. Sunset is the location of the O’Neill World Cup of Surfing, the second stop in the Vans "Triple Crown of Surfing" contest.

Image by Ian Walsh Photographer of Sunset Beach Image
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