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Oahu Pictures - Kahana Beach

View of secluded Kahana Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
Oahu Pictures - Kahana Beach - is about a half-hour drive north of Kaneohe nestled along the nape of Ahupua'a O Kahana State Park. It is a crescent shape sandy beach dotted with iron wood trees and picnic tables. It sits at the foot of deep lush unspoiled valley. There are a couple novice trails leading into the forest to if youíre up for a little hiking. The longest trail is less than three miles and will take a couple of hours at most. The beauty of this side of the island is that it is extra remote and gives the feel of old Hawaii. Kahana used to be a self-thriving fishing community and is still noted for its great fishing possibilities. You can also camp at Kahana Beach as long as you obtain a permit. The waters arenít always the best for swimming because of run-off from the Kahana Stream that empties out at the south eastern section of Kahana Beach. You can kayak the Kahana stream.
This will be a serene experience in a jungle like environment. Enter the stream from the right or eastern side of bay. Youíll paddle under the highway bridge. Yield to any fisherman if you donít want to make enemies. The entire excursion is about a 2 mile round trip so take your time. The nearby Huilua fishpond is a national landmark and a popular swimming hole.

BIO about Douglas Peebles, Photographer of Kahana Beach Image:
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