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View of Banzai Pipeline Ehukai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
Oahu Pictures - Banzai Pipeline Beach - Pictures of Oahu - Located at Ehukai Park across form Sunset Beach Elementary School is the infamous Banzai Pipeline. “Ehukai” means “sea spray”. Banzai, in Japanese, means “ten thousand years” and is used as a toast much like “cheers” or “salut”. The military called Ehukai “Banzai Beach” because of the rough and dangerous conditions.
The early surfers gave it its official name when a construction site nearby had crews that were working on a broken “pipeline”. And of course, the wave at Ehukai Park, being one of the most famous in the world is well-known for its tubular waves that create such deep barrels it was inevitable that it would later be renowned by its shortened version of the name. The beach is adorned with soft golden sand spanning two miles from Pupukea to Sunset Beach.
Banzai Pipeline is not recommended for swimming except in the summer months. The Morey Boogie World Championships are held annually at Ehukai Beach Park. The “Billabong Pipeline Masters” also occurs here annually and is the last stop of the Vans “Triple Crown of Surfing” contest. The "Pipeline Masters" originally began in 1970 as the “Chiemsee Gerry Lopez Pipeline Masters” and is the oldest professional surfing competition in the United States.

BIO about Vince Cavatalo, Photographer of Banzai Pipeline (Ehukai Beach) Image:
Vince Cavataio was raised in Southern California doing the two things he loved, surfing and taking photographs. After graduating he moved to Hawaii to surf and photograph the best waves in the world.
Years later Vince lives on the north shore of Oahu and among other subjects still surfs and shoots the surf scene. His photos are published around the world in numerous magazines and calendars. He also displays and sells prints around the islands. Working as a photographer in paradise is a dream come true, life is good!
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