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Maui Pictures - Waianapanapa Beach

View at Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach, Maui, Hawaii
Maui Pictures - Waianapanapa Beach - A few miles before entering the town of Hana on the "Road to Hana", at about mile marker thirty-one, the road finally becomes straight. At this point you can start looking for the signs to Waianapanapa State Park. You will take a left turn at the sign just past mile marker thirty- two. This has to be the most favorite spot on Maui. This beach park has the only real Black Sand Beach on Maui. You may hear some talk of other black sand beaches but this is the only one that really qualifies.
Before you leave the parking area for the hike down to Waianapanapa Beach, check out an interesting and very short loop hike at the west end of the parking lot. Itís fascinating and definitely worth a gander. It will only take twenty minutes or so to do the whole loop. At the beach the jagged lava formations, sea arches, black sand, and crystal clear blue waters deliver unprecedented scenery not found anywhere on the island, and maybe in the entire Hawaiian Islands. There is a small cave to explore and if thatís not enough to satisfy your curiosity, you can explore the coastal hike west of the beach.

Bio about Ron Dahlquist, Photographer of Kapalua Beach Image:
Ron Dahlquist grew up in Southern California and began his career as a surf photographer. In the early 70ís, he moved to Colorado. He shot skiing in the winter and everything from rodeos to rafting in the summer. The diversity of each season in the Rocky Mountains brought endless creative opportunities. While living in Colorado, he also managed to take many trips to Hawaii to shoot the big surf. Even though Ron loved Colorado, he became captivated by the beauty and splendor of the islands. His photographs range from sports to sensitive pictures of the environment. He has won numerous awards throughout the years. This past year, he won "Best Sports Photo" and "Best in Show" in the Professional Photographer's of America photography contest. The previous year, his photograph of a surfer in the barrel of a wave won first place in the International Photography Awards, Sports Category.
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