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Maui Pictures - Makena (Big) Beach

Panoramic view of Makena (Big) Beach, Wailea, Maui
Maui Pictures - Makena (Big) Beach - What may be the most popular beach on Maui is Makena Beach or “Big Beach”. Makena is located south of Wailea on the southwestern tip of the island. When you pass the hotels in Wailea you’ll be entering Makena. When you pass more than one refreshment stand, look for the “limited sight distance” signs.
After you pass the gated dirt road on the right, Makena Beach will be the next right. There are no big signs. You probably won’t see the beach on the way in. But there is usually a fish taco stand of some sort immediately across from the entrance. Most of the time you will see other cars turning in and parking. Makena Beach is a wide, long white sandy beach.
The water here has got to be some of the clearest water on the island besides Hana. We’ll get to that later. Makena Beach offers the closest views of the Molokini Crater and the island of Kahoolawe. It can get very rough during summer swells. The shore break can reach up to 10 feet and more, which makes it one of the most dangerous beaches on the island and one of the most popular for body boarding. Winter is the best time to swim here.

Bio about Jenna Szerlag, Photographer of Hamoa Beach Image:
Jenna spent the first 22 years of her life amongst pastoral landscapes and the bitter winters of the Atlantic North East, it is hardly a surprise that Jenna was immediately captivated by the tropical island of Maui. So fascinated by her surroundings Jenna was soon driven to inspire others with her vision of the vibrant natural wonders she experienced each day.
Mostly self-taught, Jenna has graduated from the New York Institute of Photography with special interest in Landscape Art. Jenna has travelled from coast to coast of the Continental United States and across varied landscapes of Europe, Alaska, Japan, Canada and Mexico. An explorer and an adventurer by heart, she embraces the natural aura and cultural nuances of each destination with one click of the shutter.
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