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Maui Pictures - Iao Valley

Visit Iao Valley State Park with Iao Needle and tropical vegetation
Maui Pictures - Iao Valley - Located in Central Maui, this peaceful state park is home to one of Maui's most popular landmarks, the 1200-foot Iao Needle. Aside from its natural tropical beauty, sacred Iao Valley has great historical significance. It was here in 1790, at the Battle of Kepaniwai, that King Kamehameha the Great clashed with Maui's army in his quest to unite the islands. Kamehameha defeated Maui's forces in a ferocious battle that ultimately changed the course of Hawaiian history. A well-marked path goes from the parking lot to view Iao Needle, a powerful fertility symbol to ancient Hawaiians. The ridge-top lookout provides incredible views of the Iao valley and its environs.
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