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Maui Pictures - Hookipa Beach

View of Ho'okipa Beach, Mecca for Windsurf Sport
Maui Pictures - Hookipa Beach - Ho'okipa beach park is known as the wind surfing “Mecca”. It is also one of the best places for surfing when North swells are hitting the island. There are three main surf spots. The east end is known as “Pavils”. It is a right breaking wave and is usually crowded with groms. In the middle of the bay is a left hander appropriately named “Middles”, and on the west end is “the Point”, a right and left breaking wave. On the east and west side of Ho'okipa Beach there are sandy patches to sit and enjoy the sun and scenery.

Bio about Erik Aeder, Photographer of Ho'okipa Beach image:

Erik Aeder is a widely respected and award winning ocean sports photographer, capturing images of the ocean lifestyle and its surroundings since 1970. He lives on the island of Maui, Hawaii in between travels on assignments to many exotic destinations around the world. His photography captures views of the water world around him, above and below the surface. Erik’s unique perspective has been seen internationally in publications such as Time, Playboy, Outside, Men’s Journal, National Geographic Adventure and he is a senior photographer at Surfer and Windsurfing magazines.
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