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Maui Pictures - Hana Beach

View at secluded Hana Beach Bay, East Maui, Hawaii
Maui Pictures - Hana Beach - At the south end of Hana Bay is Hana Beach Park. This park is a great place to hang out, have a barbeque, or just play on the beach. It is a beautiful picturesque bay nuzzled under the foothills of eastern Haleakala. It serves up some of the most memorable ocean and mountain views. There are a few pavilions with picnic tables and BBQs, the pavilions are even supplied with electric outlets.
There are fresh water showers and plenty of shade for those seeking shelter from too much Maui Sun, or rain. Hana Beach is right in front of the pavilions on the south end of the park. The water seems to be a little murky on the inside but that is due to the color of the sand. It is sort of a brownish black, probably because of the added presence of lava rock in the environment.

Bio about Ron Dahlquist, Photographer of Kapalua Beach Image:
Ron Dahlquist grew up in Southern California and began his career as a surf photographer. In the early 70ís, he moved to Colorado. He shot skiing in the winter and everything from rodeos to rafting in the summer. The diversity of each season in the Rocky Mountains brought endless creative opportunities. While living in Colorado, he also managed to take many trips to Hawaii to shoot the big surf. Even though Ron loved Colorado, he became captivated by the beauty and splendor of the islands. His photographs range from sports to sensitive pictures of the environment. He has won numerous awards throughout the years. This past year, he won "Best Sports Photo" and "Best in Show" in the Professional Photographer's of America photography contest. The previous year, his photograph of a surfer in the barrel of a wave won first place in the International Photography Awards, Sports Category.
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