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Maui Pictures - Flower Lei Greeting

Flower Lei Greeting
Maui Pictures - Flower Lei Greeting - The fragrant island Plumeria is used to construct Hawaii's standard flower lei greeting. The Plumeria'a subtle, sweet fragrance is difficult to describe. We can only say it smells like ... a plumeria! Popular among adults and children, this lei sells like “hot cakes.” The colors of plumeria, a genus similar to oleander, are abundant in yellow, although during the summer we are frequently blessed with the rare pink plumeria as well.
The tender and beautiful lei is carefully made by hand - weaving fragrant and colorful flowers and leaves together to create a work of art. Leis are worn on all special occasions and given to family and friends as gifts of love. The lei is a symbol of Hawaii.
Plumeria Leis are most popular as airport lei greetings to visitors coming to Hawaii.
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