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Maui Pictures - Surfing at Jaws

Surfing at Jaws with waves up to 90 feet, is only for the World's Best
Maui Pictures - Surfing at Jaws - A few times each year, storm swells originating as far away as Alaskaís Aleutian Islands make their way to the world-famous Maui surf break locals call Jaws. There, a barrier reef, just over half a mile off shore, sculpts the swells into 40 to 70-foot walls of water. Personal watercraft drivers tow their partners on short boards with specially designed straps out to catch tse monster waves.
What does it feel like to surf Jaws? Dave Kalama says: "It's sort of like jumping off a cliff ó the longer you sit up there and contemplate whether or not to do it, the harder it becomes. I don't like to look at Jaws too much, or study it. I like to just take a quick look at the wave, get a quick assessment, and go. Fear has taught me to trust my instincts. When Iím riding, I listen to my subconscious and let it take over in real critical situations."
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