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Kauai Pictures - Salt Pond Beach

View of secluded Salt Pond Beach, Kauai, Hawaii
Kauai Pictures - Salt Pond Beach - A trip to Hanapepe may seem a little dusty and dry, especially after passing the Port Allen area. But remember, you’re in Hawaii, on an island best known for beaches. There are always beautiful coastlines and crystal clear waters to be found. In fact, just past Hanapepe is the gorgeous Salt Pond Beach Park. Named after the natural sea salt ponds used by generations of Hawaiians, and still to this day. Salt Pond Beach Park has a swimming lagoon protected by reef that makes it safe for children and a great place for snorkeling. Especially in the winter when the waves are too big on the northern shores. It has full facilities including barbecue grills, showers, and campsites. There's also a lifeguard Salt Pond Beach Park. To find it from Kuamaulii Hwy turn left on Lele Road immediately after mile-marker 17. You’ll see the sign prompting you to turn left. Just under a half mile, as views of the ocean appear, you’ll see a smaller green sign telling you to turn right. This is Salt Pond Road. Take this road to the end and you’re there.

Bio about Kicka Witte, Photographer of Salt Pond Beach, Kauai Image:

I love my job! I am so blessed to be able to do what I love for a living and I never take that for granted. When I step behind the camera, I enter another world and I bring that to you. My favorite subjects are people, they don't know how beautiful they are and it's my job to be the mirror that makes them see their beauty. My second favorite subject is nature, I am just humbled by it's beauty and to go out in the wilderness to merge with it, is where I feel the closest to God. It's really not me taking the pictures, I'm just a vessel pushing a button, there is something larger then little me that takes over when I go behind that lens... no awards or educational diplomas really count, it is the pictures that speak to you and touch your heart that matter. If I made you feel something good, you just made my day. As you admire my photograph, you will guide me in my next photo shoot and therefore I am utterly grateful to you. Thank you and may your day be blessed with love and joy!
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