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Kauai Pictures - Lumahai Beach

Aerial view of Lumahai Beach, Kauai North-Shore, Hawaii
Kauai Pictures - Lumahai Beach - is located just a few miles west of Hanalei Bay, at its western tip, is Lumahai Beach, famous for its scenes from the movie “South Pacific”. Parking is in a dirt lot and there are no facilities. The sand near the water is usually steep because of persistently strong surf. This creates extremely dangerous shore-break conditions. Swimming at Lumahai Beach is not recommended unless you are very experienced. It is not favorable for snorkeling as the under-water environment is all sand. It is, however, great spot for experienced surfers and body-boarders during the winter months. Lumahai Beach deserves a visit because of its wide, white sandy beach, and its delightful scenery. With some rocky outcroppings to the east, it gushes with heavenly views when waves created by the beauty, and power, of Mother Nature come crashing in. On the west end the Lumahai stream flows into the ocean, making it an alluring spot for frolicking in cool, fresh water. Remember that you are not the only one who enjoys frolicking in these streams, so do not drink the water as it may be contaminated with leptospirosis.

Bio about Brad Dawber, Photographer of Aniini Lumahai Beach, Kauai Image:

Brad began his photo career while still in high school in Orange County, Calif. His love of surfing inspired him to capture images along the Southern California coastline. In 1972 he dropped out of Golden West College in Huntington Beach to take on a full time job as "ad guy" and photographer at Surfing Magazine. This was a dream job for a young surfer and a great stepping-stone. In 1974 a change was in the midst and Brad moved to Mammoth Lakes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He wanted to be a ski bum for "one season". Surrounded by all this beauty made it difficult to leave. He quickly took to ski photography and became a photographer for Powder Magazine. At the same time he was working the ultimate dream job as a heli-ski guide. This gave him the best conditions possible to photograph. In 2002 Brad and his wife Pamela moved to the north shore of Kauai, one of the most beautiful places on earth! In 2003 they sold both of their galleries in Mammoth & also opened Nani Kauai Gallery in Princeville. the natural beauty of Kauai gives Brad his inspiration to capture the dramatic landscapes. One of Brad's greatest successes & joys is chartering helicopters for his aerial photography.
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