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Big Island Pictures - Onekahakaha Beach

View of Onekahakaha Beach, Big Island of Hawaii
Big Island Pictures - Onekahakaha Beach - Located four and a half miles east of Hilo on the eastern side of Hilo Bay is Onekahakaha Beach Park. This is an alluring beach park with beautiful wide open ocean views. The eastern end has a very large sandy bottomed lagoon protected from the ocean waves and currents by a large break wall, making it a sheer delight to sink your toes into.
Kolekole Beach is a favorite among locals because it is one of the best places to swim in calm waters on the Hilo side. Itís great for children and babies, and there is a lifeguard. There are many fascinating tide-pools to explore in the middle of the lagoon. To the northwest is another deeper pool but the bottom is full of sharp reef. Be careful of the wana (va-na) or sea urchin. It is also more open to ocean currents.
There is ample parking and a number of individual pavilions with picnic tables Kolekole Beach Park. If you donít score one of the pavilions there are several walking paths with picnic tables scattered throughout the park. Several more secluded tide pools and sandy bottomed lagoons lie to the west between the park and Keokea

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