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Big Island Pictures - Hapuna Beach

View of secluded Hapuna Beach, Big Island of Hawaii
Big Island Pictures - Hapuna Beach - Thirty-two miles and about a forty minute drive north of Kona, situated right in front of the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel, is Hapuna Beach. It is a half-mile long, two hundred foot wide stretch of shimmering white sand, nestled in Hapuna Bay. Itís a great spot for beachcombing or that long jog or swim. Hapuna Beach does offer some of the best swimming and scenery available.
Hapuna Beach is an excellent vantage point to watch the whales pass between Maui and the Big Island. Itís no wonder it is consistently voted the best in the nation. At the south end of the beach is a wide sandbar that extends out into the ocean making it safe for swimming and wading into the crystal clear turquoise water. When the surf is up this is great place for body-boarding. The waves do get big at Hapuna Beach so please know your limits. The power of big waves will knock you down and suck you out to sea. If the waves are on the small side it is a fine spot for beginner body-boarders.
The north end of Hapuna Beach can have some strong riptides. There are coastal trails along the ocean at the south end of the beach to satisfy the most vigorous curiosity. Facilities include restrooms, picnic pavilions, picnic tables, showers, and plenty of parking. There is also a lifeguard. Cabins for camping are available by permit across the road from the beach entrance.

BIO about Peter French, Photographer of Hapuna Beach Image:

Peter is a renowned Photojournalist in Hawaii. Peter is one of our most prolific photographers. He truly has the eye for capturing everything beautiful about Hawaii. He resides in Waimea. The images are protected by copyright laws. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or interest you might have pertaining to Peter French's images.
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