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Big Island Pictures - Green Sand Beach

View of Green Sand (Papakolea) Beach, Big Island
Big Island Pictures - Green Sand Beach - Near the southern tip of the Big Island, below South Point, is Papakolea Green Sand Beach, also known as Green Sand Beach. South Point is not only the southernmost tip of the Big Island, but is also the southernmost area in the United States. Situated on the eastern portion of South Point is a volcanic cinder cone that has been eroded on one side by the ocean to create beautiful crescent shaped Mahana Bay, and Green Sand Beach.
Papakolea Green Sand Beach is a must see when you visit the Big Island. It may seem difficult to get to, but will award the adventurer well. The beach lies at the bottom of some tall cliffs that have been eroded into green sand. The sand gets its green color from elements in the volcanic lava. Please do refrain from taking any sand as it is frowned upon by tradition.
With a giant green sand dune behind you and the unspoiled blue ocean in front of you, Green Sand Beach is like none youíve ever seen, almost like some sci-fi movie. To get there follow Mamalahoa Hwy south of Kona until you reach South Point. Itís about a two hour drive from Kona. Youíll see the green highway sign after mile marker 70. Take a right onto South Point Road. Continue on this road passing some space satellites and eventually passing a wind farm.

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