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Big Island Pictures - Things To Do

Fun Things To Do on Big Island: Dolphin Swim, Snorkeling, Manta Ray Diving
Big Island Pictures - Things To Do - If you plan to explore Big Island of Hawaii in one trip, plan carefully. Big Island is as large as Connecticut, if you choose to go all the way around the island, you'll drive more than 250 miles. It's twice as large as all the other Hawaiian Islands combined. This island is truly unique with its cattle ranches and coffee estates on the Kona side, along the scenic Hamakua coast on the northeast side, in Waipio Valley, the colorful Puna district, south of Hilo, and remote Kau at the southern tip of Big Island. As you can imagine, there are plenty full of fun things to do. Here are just a very few very special activities, which can be only experienced on this island: Mauna Kea summit star gazing, wild dolphin encounter in Kailua-Kona, whale watching along Kona Coast, Helicopter volcanos discovery flights from Wailoloa Resort or Hilo. For more see below...
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