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Big Island Pictures - Dolphin Swim

Dolphin Swim with John Float from Kona is a once in a lifetime experience
Big Island Pictures - Dolphin Swim - Wild dolphins are free spirits who display considerable care and intelligence in their interactions. They are models of how we could be in our own lives. How can we free ourselves from the various factors that limit our consciousness, so that we can bring more of the dolphin's wisdom into our own lives? Swimming with the dolphins, we can observe their lifestyle, and interact in various ways according to their mood. You may encounter spotted dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, and manta rays.

Swimming with wild Dolphins - have you dreamed of swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat? Take one ofm several excursions from Honokohau Harbor in Kona that take you out to snorkel and swim with wild dolphins, so it's easy to find your perfect match for the most exciting adventure the Big Island offers.
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