Oahu Parasailing, Honolulu

Oahu Parasailing, Honolulu Oahu Parasailing, Honolulu 5545

#1 Parasailing off Waikiki Beach

Parasailing off Waikiki Beach
Parasailing off Waikiki Beach Waikiki Parasail Flight will have you soaring up to 1000 feet for a spectacular view of Waikiki and the Honolulu coastline. A combination of hang gliding and water skiing is uniquely ... More
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#2 X-Treme Parasailing Hawaii, Honolulu

Parasailing with X-Treme Parasail
Come and fly with the highest-flying parasail company in Hawaii. X-treme Parasail has over 20 years experience in the parasailing sport and works to achieve the best ride possible.
Diamond Head from aloft ... More
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#3 Jet Ski Rental Tours

Oahu Jet Ski Rental
Oahu Jet Ski Rental Tours Hawaii and Honolulu Jet Ski Activities at Waikiki Beach. Whether you're a beginner or jet skiing wizard, there's a perfect jetski course for loads of family ocean fun. Great Hawaii fun ... More
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#4 Jet-Ski & Parasail Package

Jet-Ski & Parasail Package
Activities & discount package for Jet Ski & parasailing in the waves off Waikiki Beach, Honolulu. Parasail high with spectacular views of Diamond Head Crater and Waikiki, then mount a jet ski for speed and the ultimate ... More
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#5 Parasailing & Surfing Lesson Package

Parasailing & Surfing Lesson Package
Activities & discount package, including parasailing and surfing lessons in the waves off Waikiki for the most fun you'll find on a vacation. ... More
Parasailing & Surfing Lesson Package Details
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Book Oahu Parasailing with Honolulu Xtreme Parasail - Soar up to 1000 feet for a spectacular view of Waikiki and the Honolulu coastline. A combination of hang gliding and water skiing is uniquely suited to the Hawaiian experience. Jet Ski on state-of-the-art equipment - a thrilling experience, single or tandem. Awesome views of the classic Waikiki shoreline, Diamond Head Creater, the Pali, Manoa Valley and Treasure Island.

Book Oahu parasailing with Honolulu Xtreme Parasail tours from Waikiki Beach with flights up to 1000ft. Schedule your Oahu parasailing today at 1-866-766-6284.

January 1, 2014
Swimming with the dolphins was absolutely one of the highlights of our trips to Hawaii! When we were booking it, we wondered if it would be worth the money, but we had NO regrets whatsoever. John was a fantastic guide. He was friendly, warm and professional and clearly has a real love for these animals. He began the tour by singing a Hawaiian chant that set the scene beautifully, then made sure we were right in the middle of the dolphins a number of times. Afterwards, as a bonus, he took us out looking for whales. We saw 8-9 from a distance (50-60 yards) and then were lucky enough to have a humpback surface within 10 feet of the boat. Amazing! Good thing we had a camera ready. The snorkel equipment was high quality and I felt very safe at all times. I noticed John kept a close eye on all of us (there were 6 passengers including 2 children) when we were in the water to make sure we were safe. I especially appreciated that since I got a little carried away and swam far from the boat with a group of the dolphins I was following (close enough to touch! John was aware of where I was and immediately brought the boat out to pick me up. FANTASTIC experience and one I can recommend without hesitation! >>> Swimming with Dolphins from Kona, Big Island
Colette Call
February 19, 2013
It was a wonderful experience. We saw a couple of whales, but at a distant. The boat moved to try to get closer and we did manage to see them better. The crew was just perfect and so informative. My 2 friends and I really enjoyed the experience and recommend it to all that are on Oahu!! >>>Oahu Whale Morning Cruise with Navatek
Ann Merrill
August 12, 2012
One of the best things we did if not the best! The crew was teriffic and the captain was super. She did a great job of pointing out things of interest along the coast etc. Would reccomend this anyone. Thanks >>>Kauai Sunset Dinner Cruise with Holoholo Charters
Allan L Cooley Jr