Oahu Parasailing, Honolulu

Oahu Parasailing, Honolulu Oahu Parasailing, Honolulu 5545

#1 Parasailing off Waikiki Beach

Parasailing off Waikiki Beach
Parasailing off Waikiki Beach Waikiki Parasail Flight will have you soaring up to 1000 feet for a spectacular view of Waikiki and the Honolulu coastline. A combination of hang gliding and water skiing is uniquely ... More
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#2 X-Treme Parasailing Hawaii, Honolulu

Parasailing with X-Treme Parasail
Come and fly with the highest-flying parasail company in Hawaii. X-treme Parasail has over 20 years experience in the parasailing sport and works to achieve the best ride possible.
Diamond Head from aloft ... More
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#3 Jet Ski Rental Tours

Oahu Jet Ski Rental
Oahu Jet Ski Rental Tours Hawaii and Honolulu Jet Ski Activities at Waikiki Beach. Whether you're a beginner or jet skiing wizard, there's a perfect jetski course for loads of family ocean fun. Great Hawaii fun ... More
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#4 Jet-Ski & Parasail Package

Jet-Ski & Parasail Package
Activities & discount package for Jet Ski & parasailing in the waves off Waikiki Beach, Honolulu. Parasail high with spectacular views of Diamond Head Crater and Waikiki, then mount a jet ski for speed and the ultimate ... More
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#5 Parasailing & Surfing Lesson Package

Parasailing & Surfing Lesson Package
Activities & discount package, including parasailing and surfing lessons in the waves off Waikiki for the most fun you'll find on a vacation. ... More
Parasailing & Surfing Lesson Package Details
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Book Oahu Parasailing with Honolulu Xtreme Parasail - Soar up to 1000 feet for a spectacular view of Waikiki and the Honolulu coastline. A combination of hang gliding and water skiing is uniquely suited to the Hawaiian experience. Jet Ski on state-of-the-art equipment - a thrilling experience, single or tandem. Awesome views of the classic Waikiki shoreline, Diamond Head Creater, the Pali, Manoa Valley and Treasure Island.

Book Oahu parasailing with Honolulu Xtreme Parasail tours from Waikiki Beach with flights up to 1000ft. Schedule your Oahu parasailing today at 1-866-766-6284.

March 2, 2014
Hawai'i Active ROCKS!!! The tour went off w/o a hitch and you started with the fun at the word GO! I would refer your service to ANYONE thats wants to have a GREAT TIME!!
Patrick & Kenda Anderson, Joplin MO
October 18, 2012
I scheduled a Honeymoon Lei for my sweet neice from Nashville who was married OCT 12. She has spent many summers traveling with my family as she was growing up and many of those trips have been to Hawaii. My husband is a pilot and I am a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines.
She was adamant about taking her new hubby to Hawaii for their vacation honeymoon since she loves the islands so much as we do.
Their flight on American Airlines from Nashville was a nightmare. Mechanical delays on two separate flights and an unexpected layover in LAX derailed their plans.
I was in constant contact with your company about their expected arrival which was a rolling delay.
Kelly emailed me MANY times to work with me so the kids would receive their lei greeting. She showed exemplary customer service in working with me on the delay times. You are fortunate to have her working for you in your business. I hope you pay her well! She is amazing. I know customer service after working with Alaska Airlines for 30 yrs.
Kelly Stoneman is a jewel. I wanted you to know!
Kathryn Gift
June 29, 2012
Our guide Tosh was knowledgeable about local ecology and enthusiastic about his job, which is a big plus as this is also part of his hobby. All in all this is the best of all HI tours yet. I learned quite a bit and thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Some of the landscapes were almost surreal, and when it rained, they were even more so as the scenery could change by the minute. I highly recommend the Twilight Volcano tour to just about anyone. >>> Twilight Volcano National Park Adventure, Big Island of Hawaii
Orient Au-vang