Swim with Dolphins at Sea Life Park Hawaii

Swim with Dolphins at Sea Life Park Hawaii Swim with Dolphins at Sea Life Park Hawaii 4.5515

#1 Dolphin Encounter

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Dolphin Encounter
Dolphin Encounter - Imagine touching a dolphin, feeding and kissing a dolphin? This once-in-a-lifetime experience for the whole family - children & adults interacting up-close-and-personal with Dolphins. ... More »
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#2 Sea Lion Discovery Swim

Sea Lion Discovery Swim
Sea Lion Discovery Swim is a unique opportunity to swim with a Sea Lion in a playful, educational and interactive ocean environment. Act as a trainer and learn to communicate with Sea Lions. ... More »
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#3 Dolphin Swim Adventure

Dolphin Swim Adventure
Dolphin Swim Adventure at is a thrilling experience for interacting nose-to-nose with dolphins. Immerse yourself in the world of dolphins as you experience these thrilling creatures of the sea and join a personal ... More »
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#4 Dolphin Royal Swim

Dolphin Royal Swim
Dolphin Royal Swim is the newest & most personal swim with dolphins experience. This activity is the highlight of all the dolphin interactive programs. Don't miss out on swimming with dolphins. ... More »
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#5 Shark Trek Adventure & Encounter

Shark Trek Adventure & Encounter
Now you can go where the sharks are. In their element. Step into the water with only a wire mesh between you and those spectacular animals. Venture in for a very personal, extremely up close encounter with the most ... More »
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#6 Sting Ray Encounter

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Sting Ray Encounter
Sting Ray Encounter get you up close & personal with one of the ocean's most graceful animals - the Stingray. Swim in the Stingray Lagoon and meet these curious ocean creatures as they glide effortlessly. ... More »
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#7 Sea Life Park Family Discount Combo

Sea Life Park Family Discount Combo
Lets the whole family experience a full day of adventure at Oahu's only marine park featuring dolphins and sting rays, sea lions and penguins. Discover first hand the “behind the scenes” action, and much more! ... More »
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#8 Sea Life Park: Active Package

Sea Life Park: Active Package
With Daylong Active Package you can dive into a full-day of ocean adventure. Swim with dolphins and sting rays, enjoy the Sea Trek Adventure, Hawaiian Reef Tank and much more! Don't miss this all-day Hawaii vacation ... More »
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#9 Dolphin Swim - Admission

Dolphin Swim - Admission
General Admission & Reservations for Sea Life Park Hawaii, providing a fun-filled day of ocean adventure. Enjoy sea lions, dolphins, penguins, turtles, sting rays, and more at this world famous Haweaii marine park ... More »
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Book Oahu dolphin swim at Sea Life Park Hawaii for a once-in-a-lifetime experience for children and adults, interacting up close and personal with dolphins, sting rays, sea lions, penguins, tropical birds ands more. Imagine touching, feeding & kissing a dolphin!

Book Oahu dolphin swim at Sea Life Park Hawaii. Schedule today your Oahu swim with dolphins at 1-866-766-6284 for dolphin tours, watching and interacting with dolphins.

January 1, 2014
Swimming with the dolphins was absolutely one of the highlights of our trips to Hawaii! When we were booking it, we wondered if it would be worth the money, but we had NO regrets whatsoever. John was a fantastic guide. He was friendly, warm and professional and clearly has a real love for these animals. He began the tour by singing a Hawaiian chant that set the scene beautifully, then made sure we were right in the middle of the dolphins a number of times. Afterwards, as a bonus, he took us out looking for whales. We saw 8-9 from a distance (50-60 yards) and then were lucky enough to have a humpback surface within 10 feet of the boat. Amazing! Good thing we had a camera ready. The snorkel equipment was high quality and I felt very safe at all times. I noticed John kept a close eye on all of us (there were 6 passengers including 2 children) when we were in the water to make sure we were safe. I especially appreciated that since I got a little carried away and swam far from the boat with a group of the dolphins I was following (close enough to touch! John was aware of where I was and immediately brought the boat out to pick me up. FANTASTIC experience and one I can recommend without hesitation! >>> Swimming with Dolphins from Kona, Big Island
Colette Call
October 18, 2012
I scheduled a Honeymoon Lei for my sweet neice from Nashville who was married OCT 12. She has spent many summers traveling with my family as she was growing up and many of those trips have been to Hawaii. My husband is a pilot and I am a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines.
She was adamant about taking her new hubby to Hawaii for their vacation honeymoon since she loves the islands so much as we do.
Their flight on American Airlines from Nashville was a nightmare. Mechanical delays on two separate flights and an unexpected layover in LAX derailed their plans.
I was in constant contact with your company about their expected arrival which was a rolling delay.
Kelly emailed me MANY times to work with me so the kids would receive their lei greeting. She showed exemplary customer service in working with me on the delay times. You are fortunate to have her working for you in your business. I hope you pay her well! She is amazing. I know customer service after working with Alaska Airlines for 30 yrs.
Kelly Stoneman is a jewel. I wanted you to know!
Kathryn Gift
June 29, 2012
Our guide Tosh was knowledgeable about local ecology and enthusiastic about his job, which is a big plus as this is also part of his hobby. All in all this is the best of all HI tours yet. I learned quite a bit and thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Some of the landscapes were almost surreal, and when it rained, they were even more so as the scenery could change by the minute. I highly recommend the Twilight Volcano tour to just about anyone. >>> Twilight Volcano National Park Adventure, Big Island of Hawaii
Orient Au-vang