Oahu Nature Tours - Hike, Kayak, Bike Trips

Oahu Nature Tours - Hike, Kayak, Bike Trips Oahu Nature Tours - Hike, Kayak, Bike Trips 5524

#1 Nature & Sightseeing Tours - Rainforest, Waterfalls, Pools, Diamond Head...

Nature & Sightseeing Tours - Rainforest, Waterfalls, Pools, Diamond Head...
Hiking tours, including trail hiking, enjoying waterfalls, rainforest, waterfall pools in Oahu and Honolulu. Traveler's choice for nature tours such as hiking, sightseeing, Diamond Head Crater, North Shore, Manoa ... More »
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#2 Horseback Ride at Happy Trails Ranch

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Horseback Ride at Happy Trails Ranch
Happy Trails Horseback Riding is the horse ranch where friendly wranglers escort you through cool sun-filtered forests, lush green ranch land, and wild tropical orchards. Mount up for family fun, panoramic ocean ... More »
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#3 Kualoa Ranch - Horseback Riding

Kualoa Ranch - Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding at Kualoa Ranch provides a Paniolo cowboy experience with spectacular views, lush green mountains, and the beautiful Pacific Ocean! 4000-acre Kualoa Ranch is the Island's oldest and largest cattle ... More »
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#4 Diamond Head Crater Hike

Diamond Head Crater Hike
Diamond Head Hike provides a fun and informative guided walk up the most famous cinder cone on earth - Diamond Head Crater - with the company that started Diamond Head Crater eco tours. Learn Hawaiian geology, history, ... More »
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#5 Triple Play: Hike, Bike, Sail

Triple Play: Hike, Bike, Sail
Waikiki Triple Play is the Oahu nature adventure that has it all! From Hawaiian rainforest to hidden waterfalls/streams to ocean reef, explore Waikiki on this triple spectacular, full-day eco adventure featuring ... More »
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#6 Natural Highlights

Natural Highlights
Oahu Sightseeing Tours lets you experience the tropical beauty and diversity of Oahu in air-conditioned comfort. See Hanauma Bay, the "Blow Hole," From Here to Eternity Beach, the spectacular Makapuu & Pali Lookouts ... More »
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#7 Valley of Rainbows

Valley of Rainbows
Hawaii Nature Tours Honolulu - Valley of Rainbows. Tour takes you to a lush rainforest located deep within the beautiful Manoa Valley near Waikiki. See Lyon Arboretum, one of the world's premier botanical gardens, ... More »
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#8 City of Honolulu Highlights

City of Honolulu Highlights
Step back in time on this unforgettable and exciting adventure as you visit the historic highlights of the Kingdom of Hawaii: Queen Emma's Summer Palace, the sacred Royal Mausoleum"Mauna ‘Ala", an hour-long tour ... More »
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#9 Kayaking Tours from Kailua Bay

Kayaking Tours from Kailua Bay
Ocean Kayak & Snorkeling excursions, staring from pristine Kailua Bay, Oahu. Guided snorkeling tours & wild dolphin watch. Transportation from Waikiki, Honolulu hotels is provided.
Customer Review by Steven ... More »
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Oahu nature tours with hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, including a wide variety of natural, outdoor adventures for young and old alike to explore the glory of this island. Take a Diamond Head Crater trek, a tropical rainforest or waterfall hike. Enjoy sightseeing tours to the Pipeline and Sunset Beaches on Oahu's Northshore, snorkel world-famous Hanauma Bay, see the Blowhole, "From Here to Eternity" Beach, Manoa Valley, the Lyon Arboretum, and more. Kayak Kailua Bay, horseback ride windward Kauloa Ranch or Northshore Happy Trails.
Oahu Nature Tour with Honolulu hiking trips, horseback riding, biking, trail hike, kayaking, view customer reviews for eco and hiking tours in Oahu, Hawaii.
January 1, 2014
Swimming with the dolphins was absolutely one of the highlights of our trips to Hawaii! When we were booking it, we wondered if it would be worth the money, but we had NO regrets whatsoever. John was a fantastic guide. He was friendly, warm and professional and clearly has a real love for these animals. He began the tour by singing a Hawaiian chant that set the scene beautifully, then made sure we were right in the middle of the dolphins a number of times. Afterwards, as a bonus, he took us out looking for whales. We saw 8-9 from a distance (50-60 yards) and then were lucky enough to have a humpback surface within 10 feet of the boat. Amazing! Good thing we had a camera ready. The snorkel equipment was high quality and I felt very safe at all times. I noticed John kept a close eye on all of us (there were 6 passengers including 2 children) when we were in the water to make sure we were safe. I especially appreciated that since I got a little carried away and swam far from the boat with a group of the dolphins I was following (close enough to touch! John was aware of where I was and immediately brought the boat out to pick me up. FANTASTIC experience and one I can recommend without hesitation! >>> Swimming with Dolphins from Kona, Big Island
Colette Call
February 19, 2013
It was a wonderful experience. We saw a couple of whales, but at a distant. The boat moved to try to get closer and we did manage to see them better. The crew was just perfect and so informative. My 2 friends and I really enjoyed the experience and recommend it to all that are on Oahu!! >>>Oahu Whale Morning Cruise with Navatek
Ann Merrill
June 19, 2012
The guide guy was very helpfull. He held my girlfriend's hand all the time and guide her all the time. Overall i will give you 100% Everything was perfect and i enjoyed very much my trip. Thank you! >>>Hanauma Bay Snorkel Experience
Hector Otero