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Xtreme Parasailing Hawaii

by tr on July 8, 2011

by Dean Christener

Upon boarding our parasail ride with Xtreme Parasailing Hawaii, the anticipation and excitement I had was immense. Though I was not going to be doing the tour and rather watching, my friend  I had taken along with me, who would actually be shooting numerous photos of the Oahu parasailing excursion, I could tell was nervous but lit with eagerness to get into the air.

The Xtreme Parasail Waikiki, Hawaii  boat was a small vessel that greeted us with a more than friendly boat captain and assistant. You could tell on our ride out to where we would initially launch the parasail, everyone did not quite know what to expect, however the crew got us very excited on what was to come.

The ride out was very smooth, and it was great even as a sight seeing tour as you could see a full view of Waikiki as well as the rest of Honolulu. Along the way out we were even greeted by a pod of dolphins that were literally only feet away from our boat. At that point I already knew this would be a great activity!

When we reached our destination where we would launch, it was amazing watching the crew how they were even able to launch the big parasail into the sky. As the first couple were launched, their nervousness yet anticipation could clearly be taken note of by their facial expressions, however the second the parasail lofted them into the air, their faces became lit up with smiles and laughter of joy and glee.

I was well surprised how high you go in parasailing rides, as this was my first time witnessing one. What I do know is that the sight from up there must have been breath taking; the blue ocean water all around, and the magnificent sight of Oahu itself without seeing the city, and the geography of the island. Watching the couple scream, laugh, and giggle, I must say I was quite jealous of the two.

One of the greatest aspects of Xtreme Parasail Tours Hawaii was that while you were up in the air; one of the crewmembers carried a nice DSLR camera, that he would shoot photos of you, along with a 360-degree view of the surroundings from the boat. He mentioned that at the end of the ride, we would be able to pick them up and upload them off the SD card. This definitely a great option to have if you want to remember your great times upon the Honolulu Parasailing activity.

I did not realize how fun the activity was, however, till the end when I was able to see my friend go up, and it shows how great this activity is when going with some one you know personally, as you get to see them laugh and enjoy themselves. When pulling him down, he even got a water dip before being pulled back into the boat.

Overall, the Oahu Parasail tour was an awesome activity that I would recommend for everyone, as it is a load of fun, a great way to see Oahu and all its features from a more than unique perspective, and will it leave an impression that I am sure you wont forget when looking back on this experience.

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dan July 8, 2011 at 3:16 pm

Great article, great images, I love it! Dean & Quincy, pretty cool what you did together!
Daniel C.

Facial Honolulu August 12, 2012 at 10:21 pm

I love those images. Very relaxing! I wish I can go in Hawaii and ride on the parachute, so romantic.

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