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Swim with Wild Dolphins, Big Island

by admin on May 25, 2010

dolphinswim-1By A.R. Royo

An alternative to swimming with dolphins in captivity like Oahu’s Sea Life Park is offered on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here, you can take one of three swim-with-dolphins-in-the wild-tours from the Kona Coast of Hawaii.

Wild dolphins are not trained or fed. The ocean is their natural habitat — their home –  and humans are their welcome guests. On wild dolphin tours, participants start by watching dolphins from the boat and only join the dolphins in the water when the situation feels right.

Wild Dolphins fascinate everyobne — young and old alike with their playful, graceful and intelligent behavior. Dolphins always seem to enjoy, especially when they appear next to Hawaiian boats and dance in their bow waves. Swimming with these beautiful, sleek and graceful creatures in the open ocean is an experience no one ever forgets, or regrets.

During these programs, wild dolphins voluntarily approach the boat, and dolphins decide how close they come to the group and for how long they want to stay. Dolphin encounters can last anywhere from a few minutes to 4 hours, but they can change people forever.

Wild Dolphin Swim & Encounter – Join Phillipa or one of her team, some of Hawaii’s most experienced dolphin experts, aboard a private boat that sails to the best dolphin locations for this unique & authentic way to swim with wild dolphins!

Swimming with Wild Dolphins – Join Jon and a maximum of 6 guests for a morning of boating from Kona, ocean exploration and snorkeling with dolphins in their natural habitat.

Wild Dolphin Swim from Kona – In celebration of your join a dolphin pod as it soars out of the water and spins in the air, the signature activity of spinner dolphins. Share with the dolphins their gentle grace and sense of  absolute joy.

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