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Oahu – Taking It To The Extreme!

by tr on October 13, 2010

By Sara Schell

If you’re after an Oahu parasailing experience, why just fly high when you can fly with the highest? Xtreme Parasail Tours Oahu not only has the latest in equipment and safety, and 20 years of parasail touring experience – at 1,200 feet they also have Oahu’s most epic parasailing views!

The rock of the boat, the roar of the engine, the snap as the chute unfurls, a dizzying rush as your feet leave the deck and then… Waikiki in all its glory crowned by a bird’s eye view of Diamond Head. It’s a view that we guarantee you’ll never forget!

Flying at 700-1,200 feet in the air, tethered to the latest and greatest in parasailing equipment, you’ll have 15 minutes of soaring over beautiful Oahu.

Maybe you’re someone who loves action but prefers to keep their feet a little closer to the ground? Well, as long as you don’t mind if the ground moves around a bit, why not try an Xtreme Jet Ski Oahu Tour? Xtreme uses the latest in Honda jet skis and two custom jet ski boats with the latest in safety equipment.

Whether you’re a beginner or a jet ski action junkie from way back, Xtreme has a jet ski course for you! If you aren’t too keen on piloting a jet ski in Hawaii you can go on a tandem ride or tag along as a non- participating observer – no one needs to miss out.

After you’ve seen Waikiki from the air and sea, jump into a Oahu car rental and check out the many excellent shops and restaurants before heading off on your next adventure.

If you’re after the extreme vacation experience, then Oahu has another very special option for you – Hawaii volcano tours! What could be thrilling than standing at the edge of a 2000 degree F lava flow? Feel the heat radiating from superheated molten rock as you witness one of nature’s most awe-inspiring forces at work!

Inter-Island Tours, from Oahu to Big Island, invite you to experience this incredible Hawaiian volcano activity during the course of a 16-hour tour encompassing the volcano observatory, steam bluffs and crater drive, the Thurston lava tube, Volcano House and Kilauea Iki Crater. You’ll travel in a modern air-conditioned bus with an experienced tour guide and take in some of the most fantastic scenery that Hawaii has to offer!

When you’re all done and back on Oahu for some R & R, take advantage of an Oahu rental car to drop back to a more leisurely pace for a perfect finish to the perfect getaway!

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