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Maui Sunset Cruise – Sunset Sailing with Alii Nui

by tr on August 1, 2011

Maui Sunset Cruise

by Dean Christener

Maui Sunset Cruise - Trade winds blew through my hair, as the salt spray could be smelled in the moist air. We had just arrived at Maalaea harbor on the south-facing shores of Maui, where we would attend Sunset Sailing with Alii Nui.

Alii Nui was very noticeable in the harbor standing out as one of the biggest, distinguishable by its name, as Alii in Hawaiian means royalty, and Nui means great or supreme, and in whole can be translated as the highest rulers of the Hawaiian Islands.  

The Alii Nui is a very new catamaran too, as they had just sailed it from Oregon two years prior to Hawaii, where it is used on a daily basis for sunset cruises, snorkeling trips, and whale watches in the wintertime.

 Alii Nui Sunset Sail

The check-in for the Maui Catamaran Sunset Sail with Alii Nui took place shortly after 5:00pm, and soon we set a course into the windy shores off of Maui. Veering west of Maui, the crew was able to slowly hoist the mainsail in the shelter of Maui’s sea cliffs, commonly referred to as the Pali.

There we enjoyed the smooth, pristine blue waters, and sailed steadily into the sunset. I must say the Alii Nui was probably the smoothest of all the sailing boats I had been on in the past, as it cut through the waters without even much of a bump on board the vessel.

Maalaea Harbor Sunset SailThe crew on the Maui sunset sail was very lively and excited to be with us, which made our experience all the better, fun and very enjoyable. They went over their standard procedure in the beginning, covering the safety, which was very straightforward, and shortly after we were offered a selection of drinks at the open bar.

The setting could not have been complemented well with the drinks and the beautiful sunset that we were sailing into. The people on board were all fairly on the younger side, yet I should say there was still diversity on the boat, making it very easy to talk with all sorts of people. Time flew very quickly as I would find myself mesmerized by the beautiful shades coming off of the sunset.

Allii Nui Catamaran SailTalking and meeting many interesting people from all over, we were called below the deck for an amazing food preparation, that consisted of fried potatoes, vegetables and dip, the most delicious ribs, shrimp with dip, and many other great foods. I have to say I was so taken by how good the ribs tasted that I had seconds and maybe even thirds if I recall. The food I could tell set well with everyone, as everyone cast off smiles, and compliments toward the crew for their great food preparation.

As people started to fill up on the food, you would see them come back for more drinks such as champagne, to enjoy the evening’s last light. We were now slowly heading back to the Maalaea Harbor with the wind at our backs.

Coming around the sea cliffs of the Maui Pali, where we saw the speckled dots of light in harbor. The cruise had gone by so fast, that I felt like I was not ready to get off the boat yet, even though two hours flew by like nothing.

Maui Catamaran Sunset Sail

It was a great cruise neither the less upon the Alii Nui, as I was able to really enjoy myself to the fullest. I would recommend this activity to anyone who is visiting on the island of Maui, or even lives here, as it is great to go on with friends or even just you and your partner and enjoy a romantic evening.

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