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Maui ATV Tours – Kahoma

by tr on July 8, 2011

By Dean Christener

Maui ATV Tours at Kahoma Ranch was definitely one of the best activities that I have ever tried. Being a resident on Maui for my entire life, the ATV tour was  an unforgettable thrill that leaves a great memory and impression.

Based out of Ka’anapali, you would never really expect a mountain scenic view with temperatures that are cooler than 80 degrees, as your start is right by the ocean in tropical warm weather, however the Kahoma Ranch will blow your mind if that’s what your looking for.

A brief history recap on the area: before Maui Off Road ATV Tour was offered at the Kahoma Ranch, it was part of The Maui Pineapple Company, which produces some of the best pineapples in the world known also as Maui Gold Pineapples; a compliment treat along the way of the ATV tour.

Later Peter Martin bought 900 acres of the land, of which portion all the water came through from the West Maui Mountains, that gave him the rights to almost all the water supply in the upper west side of Maui.

With this benefit however, a great plus to the Maui ATV tour at the end of the journey is the great reservoir that is beyond beautiful with three great water slides, that are beyond fun and refreshing after the intense ATV trek. The Slides and water reservoir were actually built by one of Maui’s famous big wave surfers, Rush Randle, who was an instrumental figure in the beginnings of tow surfing at Maui’s famous Peahi (JAWS) wave.

Well, enough about the history and background – lets start with the epic van ride that we took to get to the initial spot up on the mountain where we would be given our well equipped ATV’s. The quick scenic change from where we met at the Lahaina shopping center, where we were picked up from and rallied up on an off road adventure on its own, to the Kahoma Ranch. Our tour guides were very helpful and nice, as they explained strict instructions on safety so nothing could go wrong.

Maui ATV Tour

Shifter in hand, and ready to fire up the engines, I could tell everyone was excited to blast up the trail. Fallowing our tour guide, we went over steep, dusty, trails, that quickly took us into a more dense part of the trail filled with shrubbery and so fourth.

It was amazing how fast the temperature changed, as it seemed we were in a forest all of the sudden. The trail was very fun, and it wasn’t one of those slow tours either, as we could really were able to speed up the tight turns and open the engines up. For sure hands down one of the most fun activities here in Hawaii!

A little more than midday through our rugged adventure through the crazy terrain we came to a stop where our guide educated us on some of Hawaii’s native plants, as well gave us some background information about the fruits that are quite common such as papayas, bananas, pineapple, and even the passion fruit that we got to try and was so tasty and sweet.

We then walked out to an incredible canyon that I had never even heard of and I’ve lived on Maui my whole life. However we didn’t even realize truly how unique this place was until our guide told us to yell all at the same time as loud as we could. It was so bizarre, we yelled, and it was as if our voices were being boomeranged clock wise, echoing through out the entire canyon, amazing!

Shortly after, we came upon reservoir that you would have never expected with how dirty and rugged the environment was. This place though, was beautiful, and just seemed so out of the ordinary for the location. It was approximately 50 feet deep that had three water slides going into it. Our guide told us that the entire area didn’t use any water pumps, rather purely relied on gravity and the elevation to transport water back up too the slides.

The slides were very cool, as you would zip down them, even catching air in certain areas, and concluding in the reservoir where there was a kind of island that you could lay out on. This was so refreshing to be in, after having off-roaded for an hour in the dusty trails and the hot sun. Before leaving the reservoir and making our descent we were given water and fresh pineapple, which seemed to just do the trick to get us ready to head back down.

Going back down went quick, but was still just as much of a thrill as we whipped by turns, and going ever so fast down the hills. Coming back to our destination of where we left off, everyone had smiles beneath our covered in dirt faces, but clearly an incredible tour. The scenery combined with the great people and guides made this an amazing experience that I would recommend to everyone whom comes to Maui!

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