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Maita’i Sunset Sailing Waikiki, Hawaii

by tr on July 9, 2011

by Dean Christener

Maitai Catamaran Sunset Sail Waikiki, Hawaii - it was not what I was expecting and that was a good thing. When I first heard of the activity I would be attending, I figured the departure would be from a harbor or something near Waikiki, but oh how I was wrong.

When they say it’s a sunset cruise they take it literally, as we embarked on our cruise on a beautiful beach in front of the Sheraton hotel. You could tell the anticipation of the crowd to depart on our Oahu Sunset Cruise as we waited to get on the catamaran that was resting up on the sand casted upon the spectacular sunset.
Its definitely a good idea for this cruise to dress casual as you have to make sure to make it past the little waves. However, it makes it
all the more exciting, and don’t worry – the crew is there too help you and get you there safe and dry.

Once we were on the boat, we had a great captain and his enthusiastic bartender as a well qualified first mate. We quickly departed into the sunset and out to sea as time was not wasted. Immediately the Mai Tai’s were brought out to the scene and distributed.

One thing I tend to vividly remember was that when the captain greeted us, he said “Aloha!” (a welcoming word in Hawaiian) and everyone responded back, “Aloha!” However it was not quite enough for him, so he said, “Don’t worry, on the way back, when I say, Aloha, I’m sure you’ll be yelling it!” Sure enough that was the case as everyone on board was more than comfortable.

On the boat there were great vibes that put everyone at ease and comfortable for a beautiful ride for the Waikiki Sunset Sail. I have been living in Hawaii my whole life, but I must say that Hawaii Sunset Sailing with Mai Tai is something that everyone needs to try whether being from the islands or elsewhere. The bartender was really on it as well, and you could have as many drinks as you wanted or you could handle so you wouldn’t fall off the boat.

It was literally the second you finished your drink; he was there ready to give you your refill upon request. It was pretty refreshing, having a light breeze with cold drinks in hand, while sailing through the sunset along the Waikiki coast. I noticed too, how much different and beautiful in its own way, Honolulu looks from the evening shade and the scenery of Oahu as a whole in the evening.

As the Honolulu Sunset Sail sailed on, people started loosening up more and more, while kicking it back to the captain’s music, that seemed to put everyone in a great mood. Toward the end there were couples dancing, interacting with one another from opposites sides of the boat; it was a blast!

Looking back at the activity now, I would repeat it in a second and take as many friends as I could, as there is nothing that quite compares to the experience, and a memory that will always stick!

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