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Kona Sunset Dinner Cruise Big Island

by tr on July 12, 2011

Dinner Cruise Kona Big Island of Hawaii

by Dean Christener

Kona Sunset Dinner Cruise Big Island, Hawaii - It was setting out to be another day in paradise as my buddy and I were in the town of Kona located on the west side of the Big Island. The area was very similar in ways to other places I know in Hawaii, yet possesses its own unique characteristics. These features consist of a large amount of lava rock in most places, as the Big Island still has active volcanoes on it, as well as the vog that is produced from them.

We had made plans to go on a Sunset Dinner Cruise aboard The Spirit of Kona, a large vessel, double-decker in fact, painted in yellow and blue; you honestly couldn’t miss it as it lay in the pier.

Approaching it, we could already see a line of people waiting to be checked in, as they all looked well dressed, a little more than I can say we are used to here in Hawaii. However, is set the mood well, and promised to be a very pleasurable evening upon the Spirit of Kona.

The air was humid and you could hear a man’s roaring voice cut through it, at his Canoe team as they raced back and fourth through the harbor right next to our vessel. I was quite excited for this Kona Sunset Dinner Cruise on the Big Island, especially after hearing there was going to be live music, which we could already hear from the dock, and it sounded great! Along with other compliments that were offered with the cruise such as the open bar and a broad selection of delicious fresh cooked food; I could hardly wait to begin!

Sunset Cruise Big Island with Spirit of Kona, Hawaii

Once aboard the Spirit of Kona, we were immediately taken care of by a very nice crew. I took a seat at the bottom of the boat, as it seemed that’s were everyone was, and we were given a nice introduction by our live singer, a local man, who had more songs than I could remember. The crew did not waste a second to start, as the open bar was immediately available. I wanted to definitely go straight there to get things going. The menu offered a variety of drinks such as their Maita’i, Vodka with pink lemonade, fresh lava flows, and other amazing drinks with fresh passion juices.

While waiting for the food preparations to be complete, I went out to the bow of the boat and saw one of the coolest yet most beautiful sunsets. I think it was because of the vog, but the sunset had the most iridescent colors, yet smoothed out by the white air. It was truly paradise: sunset, that moist smell of saltwater, with a cold drink in your hand, “life I don’t think gets much better than this,” I chuckled to myself in bliss. My impressions of the Spirit of Kona Sunset Dinner Cruise here on the Big Island of Hawaii were already exceeded and the night had only begun.

Spirit of Kona Sunset Dinner Cruise Big Island of Hawaii

Things were just setting in, and right when I thought the compliments couldn’t get better, I was told to come to the buffet where mango marinated chicken was offered, with a varieties of salads, a great stir fry rice, with many other delicious foods. I was able to take my food up top where the view was even clearer.

A beautiful dinner set was prepared where people could enjoy a romantic dinner upon the sunset. Once the food had set in, I heard our live entertainer call everyone downstairs for some fun entertainment. Everyone descended quite quickly, with drink in hand, very noticeable I might add, everyone seemed to loosen up more and more.

Looking out upon the ocean now, the sunset was swept away with the night, but still lit up by the moon’s gaze, and the many small lights from shore cast off by Kona Town. The Kona Sunset Cruise was more than underway as people were dancing … and did I mention our Hula dancer? Watching her was pretty funny, as she was grabbing people to come dance with her left and right. We got so swept up in the entertainment, we hardly realized that we were pretty much back to the harbor as our captain gave us the heads up.

Sunset Dinner Cruise aboard Spirit of Kona

It seemed activity ended as fast as it started if that makes sense, because we enjoyed the whole thing so much. Walking off the cruise I had a great feeling that I kept with me for the rest of the night, filled with excitement yet put me at ease. Such a great activity if you are ever in Kona and you want to have a romantic evening complimented with a dinner try Sunset Cruise Big Island aboard Spirit of Kona.

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