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Kauai Zip-Line at Princeville Ranch

by tr on August 8, 2011

Kauai Zip Line at Princeville Ranch

by Dean Christener

Kauai Zip-Line at Princeville Ranch is one of the most exciting adventures I’ve yet experienced yet here in Hawaii. Zip lines here have become more and more popular over the last five years, and after experiencing one, there’s no question why people rave about them.

Princeville is located on Kauai’s north shore, and is one of the most beautiful areas on Kauai and in Hawaii overall. It is an area that’s more green and dense with plant life than anywhere on Kauai, thus also making it a little more wet getting lots of sprinkled rain showers. However this adds to the pristine feel that you get when you are there.

Having never experienced a Hawaii zip line, I did not really know what to expect, but riding in our 6-wheeled, off-road vehicle to Princeville Ranch where all the zip lines were, it started to dawn on me while wearing my harness and helmet. A good way to prepare for this activity is to wear close-toed shoes, and a rain jacket, in case you encounter a few sprinkles here and there.

Kauai zipline adventure

The tour guides are very knowledgeable about the ranch, gave us lots of information on the landscape, and of course the zip lines themselves. The first one we got to was a small one, only a 174 feet long. Nevertheless, everyone looked a bit nervous. The guides give very specific instruction on what to and not to do, however it was nothing complicated which will set you at ease before hand.

Ziplining hawaiiSecuring the belt buckles to the wire cable stretching across the gulch, I was looking over the edge when all of the sudden the nervousness actually hit me. At that point though there was no looking back, especially with the rest of the tour waiting on me. Taking a leap of faith I jumped, and off I was. Not having much control, I came into the landing backwards, but the tour guide caught me. After that, all I wanted was to go again and all the nervousness had turned to excitement.

Over the next couple hours, the guides led us through many more different zipline courses, each higher off the ground and longer in length, making the run more and more exciting. We came to one part as well changing it up a bit, it was a one of those bridges with wide gaps between the footing, and very wobbly.

To our comfort there were wire cables on either side, but the goal would be to cross without holding onto the cables. I cannot describe how difficult it was but in a fun way! Moving along further through the Zip-Line course, we got to our lunch destination, which was located at a water hole where everyone could take a dip in a cool refreshing pool, then eat some food provided by the tour guides.

The finale, stretching 1200 feet across a gulch, went by the name of King Kong. The unique thing about this one was that you were able to actually go two at a time, which made it much more enjoyable because you could race each other, or even hold hands for a part of it. That is all that will be said however, because it is a ride not to be spoiled that you must check out on your own to experience the feeling of it!

The ziplines at Princeville Zip Line Adventure were such a rush, that all in all it was truly an awesome experience filled with  so much fun! It’ss an activity that everyone needs to try, to feel the rush and thrill of a ride that is simply indescribable.

Zipline waterfall dip

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