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Kauai Sunset Dinner Cruise

by tr on August 5, 2011

Kauai Sunset Dinner Cruise along Na Pali Coast

by Dean Christener

Kauai Sunset Dinner Cruise along Na Pali Coast - Kauai has the most beautiful scenic views in all of Hawaii many would say. Kauai is filled with lush rain forests, towering sea cliffs, and dozens of beautiful golden beaches. It is Kauai’s breathtaking landscapes and seascapes that keep visitors coming back and singing the praises of the “Garden Isle.”

Kauai Dinner Cruise by Capt. Andy’s is without a doubt into one of these memorable experiences with some of the most beautiful yet diverse terrains of sightseeing in all of Hawaii. None other than Captain Andy’s puts on this amazing Sunset dinner cruise, offering also one of the best rafting activities along the Na Pali Coast that is a must do.

When booking their Capt Andy’s Kauai Dinner Cruise as well as the rafting one, book it more in the middle of your vacation so you can make sure to call in advance and ask about the conditions and how the conditions have been because to really enjoy these activities you want calm waters with not too much swell or wind.

Captain Andy’s vessel of choice for this fine dinning activity along the Na Pali Coast is one of the nicest catamarans that I have been on. Having experienced many sunset cruises all over Hawaii in various vessels, this one was by far the best. Only the finest woods used and easily distinguished even for some one like me who normally doesn’t pay attention to detail like that, lounging areas all over the boat, actual dinning tables for everyone to enjoy their cocktails, and of course the best dinner I think I have ever had on a boat.

The cocktails that were offered consisted of a wide range of mixed drinks including Mai Tai’s, lava flows, champagne and more. The dinner, as mentioned above, was unlike any, top grade filet mignon cooked to your personal preference, with barbequed shrimp, and complimented with fine cut vegetables.  Above all, while we were on the boat sight seeing, the kitchen was located some what in the middle of the boat, so you were able to watch the cook right there prepare your meals, literally from the start of him cutting all the meat, dicing vegetables, etc.

But this accounted for only a portion of this beyond-supreme sunset dinner cruise. The scenery that could be seen on this activity was second to none. The Napali Coast being so well recognized for its breathtaking sea cliffs, the second tallest in Hawaii, reaching heights of 4,000 feet were incredible.

Hawaiian Sea TurtleDeparting from Port Allen, the main harbor on Kauai’s west-facing shores, Andy’s Sunset Dinner Cruise takes you all the way to the wild north-facing shores of Kauai. Covering such a large distance, one is able to see how much variety of landscape Kauai offers, such as the longest beach in Hawaii — Polihale — extending 15 miles down the coast, or the large sea caves carved into the walls of vertical sea cliffs, and the enormous surf that explodes along these coastlines in the winter. Many of the landscapes and seascapes here are familiar from famous movies such as King Kong, Pirates of the Caribbean, 6 days 7 nights, and many more.

Kauai’ Sunset Dinner Cruise with Captain Andy’s really gives you everything that you could want when taking a sunset cruise. When putting the breathtaking scenery together with the catamaran’s luxurious features and its compliments, there is no better feeling except pure bliss. This is especially recognizable when the cruise comes to an end, and you are able sail through a sunset that is just beyond gorgeous, lighting up the sky with beautiful iridescent colors. And though this tour is 4 hours long, the time seems to just fly by as one can indulge on the pristine scenery as well from what is offered.

Kauai’ Sunset Dinner Cruise

I highly recommend the activity to anyone looking for a romantic sunset cruise in one of Hawaii’s most spectacular natural settings. I promise you will not be disappointed!

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