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Jet Ski Rental Tours Waikiki, Hawaii

by tr on July 9, 2011

by Dean Christener

Who would of known how great a Jet Ski tour is especially going with Xtreme Jet Ski Hawaii, an awesome experience filled with adrenaline and excitement. It was cool to see how well organized this activity was, as my friend and I had just done an activity with Jet Ski Rental Honolulu Hawaii, which was a really fun xtreme parasailing activity connected with the same company that we would participate now in a Oahu Jet Ski tour.

It was great, because as soon as we end parasailing, we were shortly afterward picked up by a van that would take us too our destination where the jet ski fun would begin. The driver was great, he gave us a preview of what to expect out on the skis.

We had to drive through a bit of Honolulu to get to the Waikiki Jet Ski Hawaii, only taking about 10 minutes, so it was good seeing some island-style city life, which probably differs to your average city life.

Arriving where we would drive our Jet Skis, it was a beautiful area, sheltered from the wind, in a large lagoon you could say. The water was a deep blue surrounded by sand banks with lush tropical undergrowth on them.

Shortly after being dropped off, a boat took us at the dock where the Jet Skis were tetheredin the middle of the lagoon. Here we were first escorted and introduced to the Jet Ski guide who would explain the activity.

It was quite a thrill being taken out to this “floating dock” in the middle of the lagoon where all the machines were kept. Our guide on our arrival showed us the course where we would be skiing.

It was nice how much freedom you had, as though there was a course, but it was large enough to allow for much personal enjoyment.

When we were finally on the skis, I never wanted to get off! Being able to accerlerate across the water at full speed, we then judged the how the ski handled on the turns. It  was more fun then I ever had expected!

Whether racing others who were also participating on the Xtreme Jet Ski tour, or just riding and seeing how fast you could go into a turn, while trying to make as much spray as possible off carves, it was all an absolute thrill.

The Jet Ski facilitator was more than nice as well as he allowed us to ride much longer than we were supposed to, and this was greatly appreciated because you don’t know how fast time flies when your having that much fun out there on the water.

Concluding from this experience, I could not have asked for a better initiation to riding a jet ski, especially in this isolated lagoon, that really gives you the sense of being in paradise with freedom in the grip of your hands, as you go almost where you want. Definitely an activity that is a must-do, especially so you can say you did a Honolulu Jet Ski ride!

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