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Hawaii Wellness – Maui Tribal Spirit Dance Festival

by tr on December 11, 2012

“Tribal Spirit Maui celebrates the WE that is changing the world through conscious movement”. This was the tagline coined by Tribal Spirit’s founder Amara Pagano when she went searching for a sentence that could describe the purpose of this international gathering of conscious dancers. The tagline has become a reality for the hundreds of participants from all over the world who have attended Tribal Spirit Maui in the past.

Amara Paganao – who has been teaching 5Rhythms for 12 years – inspired by the native American tradition of tribal gatherings, started holding this event in Olympia WA in 2002.  When she moved to Maui in 2008 she brought Tribal Spirit with her and for the past three years has held the event in Hawaii in collaboration with her partner Pier Paolo de Angelis.

Born as a 5Rhythms gathering hosting an array of 5R teachers and dancers from different communities around the globe, this year’s Tribal Spirit Maui has evolved into a 5 day 5Rhythms Immersion and a 3 day Conscious Dance Festival that includes samples of Soul Motion, Contact Improv and Conscious Salsa, plus Hula and Belly Dance in representation of some of the most ancient forms of sacred tribal dance. In addition, at Tribal Spirit Maui 2013, conscious movement will be integrated by other activities and modalities that support a broader vision of conscious living.

“Our core intention is to provide a true transformational experience for all Tribal Spirit participants” -says Festival Executive Producer Pier Paolo de Angelis. “We all need to clean our vessels in order to become pure channels of divine grace and access higher states of consciousness. That is why, in addition to the dance which is the pivotal element of Tribal Spirit, we have decided to offer morning meditation and chanting to help clear the mind, morning yoga to prepare the body and mini workshops on topics such as “Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom” and “Divine Nourishment” to provide participants with additional educational support. We have chosen to adopt a holistic vision in order to facilitate the alignment of body, mind and spirit and create the possibility of a profound individual and collective experience”. 

In addition to such an innovative approach to dance gatherings, what could be even more compelling about Tribal Spirit is the Festival’s setting. Camp Keanae, is a YMCA facility nested on one of the most beautiful peninsula’s of the Hawaiian Islands, overlooking one of the last original Hawaiian settlements. Marked by “taro” fields (one of the traditional and most ancient Hawaiian crops) and inhabited by local families with deep roots on this magical land, the Keanae peninsula is considered by the natives as one of the main spiritual portals on mother earth and a sacred energy vortex.

What could be better than dancing for three days and nights with 150 conscious movers from around the globe, staying TOGETHER camping or in shared dorm rooms (there are also more luxurious accommodations available off site) on an absolutely stunning piece of land situated right on the ocean, with waterfalls and natural swimming pools nearby, eating wholesome local organic meals and being pampered on demand by an array of talented therapists offering healing sessions around the clock!


“I have been teaching workshops and intensives internationally for several years” says Amara ” and inviting people to come to Maui and experience Tribal Spirit. We have had participants from a dozen European and Latin American countries, Japan, Singapore, Bali and Australia, as well as dancers from every quadrant of the United States and Canada.  Quite a lot of tribes represented, each bringing their own unique flavor and spice, together creating a cauldron of creativity and learning.

Recently Amara – who first met Gabrielle in 1991 and eventually certified to teach 5Rhythms Waves and Heartbeat – started incorporating into her work the principles of “Path of the Heart” developed by her spiritual teacher Sri Prem Baba. As a result, she has been developing a practice called “Awakening Through Movement” where she integrates 5Rhythms with modalities geared to deepen the journey towards the discovery of our true essence.

Whether I teach a class, a workshop or guide a retreat  – says Amara - my primary intention is to offer students an opportunity for personal transformation. I teach dance as a spiritual practice and as a vehicle to attain presence in our everyday life as well as in relation to the outside world. That includes our physical body, our interpersonal relations and our relation with the environment. Tribal Spirit sprung out of a profound desire to create easy access to conscious living and an opportunity to meet and exchange information with dancers from different backgrounds and nationalities, learning to overcome the “me” and opening to a true understanding of the “we.”

Amara’s partner Pierpaolo – who is former Chairman of Kripalu Center in Massachussetts and Studio Maui Director – has an extensive background in special events and media production. His work with women and global leaders culminated in the creation of a sacred space called “The Sanctuary” at the 2010 Women’s Conference in Long Beach, CA where the 30,000 + attendees had an opportunity to experience stillness during short yoga and mediation brakes. Pier Paolo’s mission is to use his professional background to serve the global community through the creation of events and information networks that promote peace and sustain conscious living. Having been deeply immersed in spiritual studies and wanting to bring their combined skill set to the benefit of the dance community at large, Amara and Pier Paolo are planning to develop programs and gatherings such as Tribal Spirit Maui that will offer dancers direct transformational experiences. In their vision, this year’s gathering will be the first of a series of traveling conscious dance/conscious living events.

Tribal Spirit Maui 2013 also has special significance with the passing of Gabrielle Roth, founder of the 5Rhythms. “Gabrielle is my teacher” – says Amara, “Everything that I stand in as a movement teacher was seeded by Gabrielle. She opened the possibility to use movement as spiritual practice and birthed an entire cosmology of perspective, philosophy and practice using movement as the vehicle to transform suffering into art, art into awareness and awareness into action. The upcoming gathering will be an opportunity to celebrate her life and legacy and honor the path she opened for so many of us. This years Tribal Spirit Maui will mark her extraordinary presence in the history of conscious dance.”

For more information visit www.tribalspiritmaui.com

Tel. (808) 205-4629  Email: info@tribalspiritmaui.com

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eileen January 29, 2013 at 5:43 pm

An extensive and descriptive picture painted with words to portray Hawaii at its best! After only touching a small part of this picture 7 years ago, I see so much more that I missed and need to see upon a return trip! Thanks for the virtual trip!!!

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