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Hawaii Activities and Travel News

Best Big Island Beaches – Beach & Snorkel Guide

April 5, 2014

by Steve Lawrence

White Sands Beach is one of the only places in Kona with white sand.Source

Best Big Island Beaches - White Sands Beach Park

Drive four miles south of Kona along Ali’i Drive, which is the coastal road leading south of Kona, and you’ll stumble across White Sands Beach, nestled in a little cove area south of Kamoa Point. It is one of the only places in Kona with white sand. The water is a beautiful turquoise blue. It is a great place to play in the summer. Excellent snorkeling is guaranteed on the reef beds to the north or the south of the beach when the waters are calm. There are lots of tide pools to explore along the beach. White Sands Beach becomes a favorite body boarding spot in the winter. Be aware that when the waves are big this beach becomes very dangerous. There is a lifeguard so ask questions if you have any doubts.

Sometimes there may be more rocks than sand because in the wintertime the waves remove all the sand. When the waves subside the sand has a chance to return, earning this little beach the nickname “disappearing beach”. This also makes the sand that is there soft and powdery. It will be the largest portion of sandy beach in the Kona area so it can get crowded. Facilities include restrooms, showers, picnic tables in the shade, and there is a volleyball net as well. Parking is right off of the highway or drive to the south end of the park where there is off street parking with access to a rocky cove. Just south of this small cove snorkeling and scuba diving is superb. There are underwater caves to discover and sometimes you may find dolphins here.

Kua Beach is a sliver of shimmering white sand kissed by crystal clear soft blue waters.Source

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Best Oahu Beaches – Beach & Snorkel Guide

April 4, 2014

by Steve Lawrence

Kawela Bay Beach is just west of Kahuku Point, the most northern tip of OahuSource

Best Oahu Beaches - Kawela or Turtle Bay Beach

Kawela Bay is just west of Kahuku Point, the most northern tip of Oahu is Kawela Bay. Inside the bay is a quiet secluded beach that offers a great getaway, or a private walk along the beach. This is a very secluded beach, a good place to get away from the crowd at surrounding beaches. It is a narrow sliver of sand backed with ironwood trees and coconut palms that provide plenty of shade and concealment from would be sightseers on the Hwy above. The water is not always the best for Oahu snorkeling.  It has a rocky ocean bottom but the waters tend to get murky. However, swimming here can be quite enjoyable.

The mouth of the bay has a shape and position that provides an extremely sheltered lagoon. There are never any currents or surge from the waves so the water remains very calm. There are lots of “honu” or sea turtle sightings, so much so that this beach is often mistaken for the more renowned “turtle beach” at Laniakea Beach, closer to Haleiwa. Outside of the bay are some expert surf sites and the small islet of Kukaimanini. There are no facilities and no lifeguards. Access is found across the street from the Kahuku Land Farms fruit and vegetable stands about one mile west of the famous Turtle Bay Resort. You can park right off the road and find the trailhead by the fence. It is OK to ignore the “no trespassing” sign just this once.

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Sunset Beach got its name because the area was known for its amazing tropical sunsetsSource

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Best Kauai Beaches – Beach & Snorkeling Guide

April 3, 2014

by Steve Lawrence

Anini Beach Park is a beautiful, easily accessible park, with a large grassy area embracing the Pacific Ocean. Source

Best Kauai Beaches – Anini Beach

On Kuhio Hwy just as you pass Kalihiwai Bay is the road to Anini Beach Park. To find it take Kalihiwai road towards the ocean about a half-mile after you cross over the Kalihiwai Stream. A quarter mile down this road and you’ll see the sign to Anini Beach advising you to veer left. If you can resist the temptation to stop at all the appealing sites along the way you’ll reach Anini Beach Park after another mile and a half. You can’t miss this beautiful easily accessible park, with a large grassy area embracing the Pacific Ocean.

Amenities include picnic tables, restrooms, showers, and barbeque grills. It has a protected swimming lagoon due to an extensive off shore reef formation. It’s usually calm when waves are too big or conditions are rough elsewhere. This beach is a popular spot for Snorkeling when conditions cooperate. If it’s a little too windy you might take advantage of a windsurf lesson. On the west end of the Beach Park is the treasured Anini Beach, a more secluded section that is usually deserted.

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Hanalei Bay Beach Park is a premiere beach location nestled in center of Hanalei Bay in North Kauai.Source

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Best Maui Beaches – Beach & Snorkeling Guide

April 2, 2014

by Steve Lawrence

At Kam Beaches on Maui there are lifeguards, showers, and restroom facilities.Source

 Best Maui Beaches - Kamaole Beach Parks I, II, & III

Kamaole 1 or, “Kam 1” is a large beach with golden sand located in central Kihei and is one of the most favored beaches on this side. Situated directly across from convenience stores and other shops you’ll have everything you need for fun in the sun. It is a great location for soaking up the rays. There are lifeguards, showers, and restroom facilities. The sandbar at the ocean’s edge remains shallow for several feet making it safe for most beachgoers.

Charley Young Beach is the section on the northern end of Kam 1 and is worth noting as its own. Tall ironwood trees provide shade and its high rock walls make it the best area if you want shelter from the wind. You might even find your own private cove. Charley Young Beach and “Kam 1” are very popular as they are located in the heart of Kihei. With awesome views of Molokini Crater, Kahoolawe, Lana’i, and the West Maui Mountains the sunsets from this beach have to be some of the best in the world.

The next beach traveling south on South Kihei Road is Kamaole 2, or “Kam 2”and is mostly enjoyed by the visitors staying in the condominiums across the street. It is another wide white sandy beach with calm waters. This beach is perfect for launching your kayak or trying out the newest sport of stand up paddling. Conveniently located across from shops and restaurants, you’ll never be left without all the necessities.

Heading further into south Kihei you’ll find Kamaole 3, or “Kam 3”. It is the last of three Kihei beaches you’ll find with soft white sand and warm calm water, except during Kona wind episodes or large summer swells. Kam 3 is a beach park with a large sprawling area of green grass. There’s more grass than sand here making it nice for activities like barbeques, flying kites, and other social events. Kam 3 has a playground area for kids and restroom facilities. It is one of the most popular places to watch the sunset.

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Keawakapu Beach on Maui is a favorite beach for visitors and locals.Source

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Hidden Maui Places We Visited

February 26, 2014

by Laura Bloomberg- Travel Blogger-Vancouver, B.C. & Friends

 Hidden Maui Places We Visited

After my most recent Maui adventure I noticed my trips back to Maui land are becoming closer and closer together…. Air Canada’s website seems to be getting more hits on my computer than Facebook, and now my apartment no longer has any furniture, just hammocks!!!

It’s true we can create the space and light of bliss wherever we are because ultimately it is within each of us. With that knowing, I still do definitely have a loving respect for Maui, and love spending time there. The space I create for myself while in Maui is pure beauty…. After a Maui trip I leave feeling well prepared to go back to the city with a rejuvenated, cleansed mind, body and soul. I would love to share my love of Maui.


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Cycling tours on Maui – Where to go & Where to stay

January 11, 2014

by Tim Marsh



Ever thought of Cycling in Maui, Hawai’i?

Until February 2010, I certainly hadn’t.

In February 2010, Kate and I headed over to Hawai’i for a quick holiday. It was mainly for a proper relaxing type of holiday as we’d never had one plus we’d snaffled 2-for-1 flights from Jetstar.

I’d never given much thought to Hawai’i as a cycling destination as I’d always wanted to go surfing and bodyboarding there, having been inspired by the likes of Mike Stewart, Jaws (break, not movie) and Magnum, PI.

After absolutely unwinding with a week on Waikiki, just surfing, relaxing, and eating way too many lattice fries and drinking too many cocktails at Dukes, plus dodging the tsunami-that-never-happened, we headed to Maui.



And boy was I surprised.

Sadly I didn’t have my bike with me, so didn’t get any cycling in (probably fair enough as I was off to France and the Etape in July without the company of Kate), but if you’re considering Hawai’i for a holiday, the possibility of some cycling might sway you. And if you’re looking for something different, a Cycling in Maui trip is worth some consideration.

Where to go Cycling in Maui

There are loads of great cycling places in Maui. It’s not a huge island so don’t expect the variety of riding you’d find in the French Alps, Pyrenees or the Dolomites, but there’s still some good riding allowing you rack up lots of k’s and climbing.

There are definite spots to avoid like out near Hana—the road is shocking.

Cycling in Maui holiday map


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16 Must-See Kauai Tourist Attractions

July 31, 2013

By Alan Dickeson

If you’re looking for a vacation with some of the most stunning attractions in all of Hawaii, Kauai is calling your name! The Garden Isle will take your breath away as you savor dreamy locales like Waimea Canyon, Manawaiopuna Falls, Ke’e Beach, and the Napali coastline. To enjoy the best Kauai has to offer, these 16 Must-See Kauai Hawaii Tourist Attractions are your virtual guide to sights and sensations you’ll be talking about for years to come.

The premier hike on Kauai, the remote Kalalau Trail.


1. Must-See Kauai Tourist Attractions – Kalalau Trail

Imagine you’re hiking on a tropical forest trail above shimmering ocean waters on one side and steep volcanic cliffs on the other.  Lush green foliage and colorful flowers adorn your every step as it feels like you’re walking in a land time forgot. This is the premier hike on Kauai, the remote Kalalau Trail which leads up and down ancient, volcanic valleys to write-homeable vistas and cozy beaches. It stretches 11 miles along the Napali coastline from Ke’e Beach in Haena all the way to Kalalau Beach. This isn’t a hike for younger children or beginners as the rough trail ascends and descends often. However, hike the first two miles of the trail, beginning at Ke’e Beach, and you’ll arrive at the lovely Hanakapi’ai Beach.  No fees or passes are required for hiking. A camping permit is required.

Kauai sunset sailing cruise is beckoning you to a peaceful evening


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16 Must-See Maui Tourist Attractions

June 5, 2013

By Alan Dickeson

Grab your snorkel, sun block, and sense of adventure!  Here are 16 Must-See Maui, Hawaii Tourist Attractions that will make your vacation one you’ll remember for a lifetime.  Take a look at these exciting activities, hot spots, and natural wonders, and you’ll know why in the islands people say, “Maui na ka oi.”  (Maui is the best of all the Hawaiian Islands!)

Aerial View of Maui, Hawaii


1. Haleakala Summit

The crown jewel of Maui tourist attractions has inspired countless visitors, including Mark Twain, with its majestic peak and regal presence.  Haleakala, which translates to “House of the Sun,” earned its name from a famous tale about the demigod called Maui who trapped the sun from atop Haleakala to please his grandmother, Hina.  The magic of Haleakala, and the expansive views it commands are highly cherished, especially at sunrise.  Every year, thousands of travelers make the long drive up the winding road to watch a new day dawn.  Pristine morning air, bulbous clouds dancing across the summit, and red-violet light spreading across the Pacific is a poem waiting to be written.  Admission fees are $10 per vehicle, or $5 per person with no car, and $5 for a motorcycle.  The Park is open 24/7, 365 days per year.



2. Kula Lodge and Restaurant

There is a fine-dining establishment on Maui that rises above the rest—literally.  At an elevation of 3,200 ft, the Kula Lodge & Restaurant offers patrons mouth-watering food, an authentic lodge-like ambiance, and captivating views of Maui below!  Choose from scrumptious morning breakfast fare of eggs, fresh island fruit, and griddle dishes, to more enticing lunch or dinner items like mango BBQ ribs, cioppino, Cornish hen, Maui steaks, fresh fish, or vegetable quesadilla.  The Kula Lodge also has 5 bucolic chalets available for overnight rental.  Open 7 days a week at 7 a.m.  Located on Hwy 377, not 37, about six miles past Pukalani.

Kula Lodge Maui


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Maui Car Rental – Pick-up by Shuttle from Kahului Airport

May 20, 2013

maui car rental

Source: Pinterest

Kahului Airport OGG Car Pick-up

All of Maui’s Car Rental Outlets are located within a few minutes of Maui Kahului Airport OGG. Rental car shuttles from Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz and others provide easy, convenient transportation.

It will be only a few minutes before you’re sitting in your rented car – an open 4-Door Jeep or Convertible, a Mini Van, an SUV or a simple Economy car, which can be a smart choice for higher fuel efficiency. Be aware that fuel on Maui can costs up to $1.00/gallon more than where you’re coming from! Feel free to call us for best Maui Car Rental Discounts; our local staff does its very best to providing you with low rates and additional discounts for Rental Cars on Maui

maui vacation rentals

Source: Copyright by Ron Dahlquist

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Oahu Things To Do – Visitor Tour Guide

April 19, 2013

By Steve Lawrence

Wakiki Beach Hawaii

(Photo copyright by Makani Kai Helicopters) >Source »

Hawaii has such an array of activities to choose from. One could not fit them all into a typical one- or two-week vacation. Maybe you don’t want to. Maybe sitting poolside at one of the many luxury hotels in Waikiki, or enjoying a bed and breakfast somewhere on the North Shore is just what the doctor ordered. Basking poolside or in the warm sand at one of the many beautiful beaches is quite relaxing, and you may have no urge to do anything else.

However, if you do choose to venture out, Hawaii’s weather provides a multitude of activities to do and see. Let’s start our virtual journey with the island of Oahu. If you head east out of Waikiki one of the first popular sites you’ll see is Diamond Head. Known as Le’ahi to the Hawaiians, its name means “brow of the tuna”.

It was the early Western sailors that named it “Diamond Head” because it would look like diamonds were sparkling on the mountainside when they passed by in their ships. You can climb the Diamond Head summit trail for some awesome views. The trail is just under a mile but it is known to be steep and strenuous in places.

Haunama Bay Snorkeling

Source »

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