X-Treme Parasailing Hawaii, Honolulu

Tandem parasailiers have a bid's eye view over Waikiki
Tandem parasailiers have a bid's eye view over Waikiki Xtreme parasail boat viewed from riders aloft Young man enjoys parasailing above Waikiki Beach, Hawaii Tandem Waikiki parasailers glide high above the water View of Diamond Head from Waikiki Beach UFO parasailing over Waikiki Beach

X-Treme Parasailing Tours

Come and fly with the highest-flying parasail company in Hawaii. X-treme Parasail has over 20 years experience in the parasailing sport and works to achieve the best ride possible.

Enjoy the views of Waikiki Beach

Viewing Diamond Head, the lighthouse and more from aloft will set a picture in your mind you'll never want to forget. We just know you'll love itů you'll be waving at beach-goers as you soar past!


Parasail Standard Parasail Ride - Fly 700 ft of line for 5-7 minutes
Parasail Deluxe Parasail Ride - Fly 850 ft of line
Parasail X-Treme Parasail Ride - Fly 1,000 ft of line

Non-Flying Observer - For those who are not interested in parasailing but would like to accompany friends or family.
Note: The higher the flight, the longer the ride. All tours are 1 hour in the boat with 12 passengers max.


Length: 1 hour
Time: Hourly, 9am to 5pm
Location: Major Waikiki hotel pick-up / Kewalo Basin check-in
Days of Operation: 7 days a week
Children: No children under 7yrs
Included: Round-trip transportation from Waikiki hotels, safety instruction and equipment.
Extras: Digital photography is available for $30 and payable to photographer.
Restrictions: Children 6 and younger, pregnant women and those with back or neck injuries are NOT allowed to participate in this tour!

Customer Review by Chad Puckett
Posted October 14, 2013
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating

None - the crew was awesome!!! The crew really took each groups preferences of experience into account!! We wanted to get soaked & they made our parasail outstanding & we definitely got soaked!! Thanks for making this so much fun!! A++++++

Customer Review by Linda Pape
Posted August 7, 2013
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating
Customer Review by Robin Gordon
Posted May 25, 2013
    4 Activity Rating
    4 Crew Rating

Was a little put off with the guy making a big deal about not using sunscreen on the boat, we're adults we're not going to squirt it all over. My son (22 yrs old) had sun burn so we ran to the van right before they loaded the boat and thought we could put it on during the boat ride out and the guide said absolutely not kind of put a damper on the rest of the activity

Customer Review by G Martin Barany
Posted October 27, 2012
    4 Activity Rating
    4 Crew Rating
Customer Review by Jeff Jeppson
Posted March 10, 2011
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating
Customer Review by Diane Cooper
Posted February 2, 2011
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating

I was extremely impressed with the crew...you could tell they really knew what they were doing and it eased my fears considerably.

Customer Review by April Moses
Posted January 2, 2011
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating
Customer Review by Ajay Raghav
Posted October 16, 2010
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating
Customer Review by Laura Barton
Posted October 1, 2010
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating
Customer Review by Jeannie Wilson
Posted April 28, 2010
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating
Customer Review by Lori Kotch
Posted February 27, 2010
    4 Activity Rating
    4 Crew Rating
Customer Review by Dwight L. Aikens
Posted November 23, 2009
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating

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Schedule: Daily
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Duration: 1 hour
Location: Kewalo Basin, Oahu
Transportation: Included

X-Treme Parasailing Hawaii

700 feet of line
Children: (7 & Up)
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850 feet of line
Children: (7 & Up)
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1,000 feet of line
Children: (7 & Up)
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Observer Only
Children: (7 & Up)
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