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Sea Life Park Dolphin Family Package

Hawaii Sea Life Park photo collage of Family Package
Hawaii Sea Life Park photo collage of Family Package Sea Life Park Hawaii photo collage of kids and dolphins together Trainer and seal perform at Sea Life Park Hawaii
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Oahu Discount Tours -
Sea Life Park Dolphin Family Package
Oahu Discount Tours - <br> Sea Life Park Dolphin Family Package552
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Customer Review by Tina M Ruozzi
Posted August 9, 2010
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating

It was a wonderful day. It was actually very educational. They do great things with the animals.

Customer Review by Trudy Read
Posted May 16, 2010
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating

Dolphin Encounter at Sea Life Park Hawaii

A once-in-a-lifetime experience for interacting up-close-and-personal awaits you in Dolphin Cove at Hawaii Sea Life Park. mingle with the dolphins and trainers who put on the show. Experience a personal training lesson with trainers and have a chance to view the dolphins underwater and up-close with their "dive masks!" Learn about daily dolphin life and interact with them in this intimate and educational adventure. During this deep-water encounter, you will learn about dolphin anatomy, physiology, training and conservation.

All Day Family Package

•Dolphin Encounter
Interact with dolphins in shallow water with Sea Life Park trainers. See how the trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to train the dolphins and learn about Sea Life Park research and education programs. This is not a Dolphin Swim.
•Hawaiian Ray Encounter
An interactive program with stingrays, includes snorkeling through the Stingray Lagoon.
•Sea Lion Feeding at the Sea Lion Pool.
•Sea Life Park admission to all shows and exhibits.

Schedule of Events
• Park Opens - 9:30am Winter; 10:30am Summer
• Ocean Show - 9:45am (W); 1:45pm; 3:30pm
• Reef Stingray Ballet - 10:25am (W); 1:05pm
• Penguin Habitat Trainer Talk - 10:45am; 2:20pm
• Sea Turtle Feeding - 11:00am; 11:35am; 2:10pm
• Kolohe Kai Sea Lions Show - 11:15am; 2:30pm
• Touch Pool Exploration - 11:45am; 3:05pm
• Dolphin Cove Show - 12:30pm
• Hawaiian Monk Seal Trainer Talk - 2:15pm


All-Day Family Package

15 miles East of Waikiki, Oahu

Check-in: Times Vary

Hours: Park opens at 9:30am and closes at 5pm

Schedule: Open Daily

Duration: Varies by Activity Time Availbility

Children: Minimum age: 3 years and older.

NOTE: Children 3-12 must be a minimum of 40 inches tall and must be accompanied by a paying adult. Adults are NOT required to book the full Combo event, but may pay General Admission as a Non-Participating Guest (see below). For Children under 8, Participating Parent is required.

Special Needs: Special Needs and Disabilities are welcome. Please indicate when booking for the best possible arrangements. view full details

Activity Info
5 star
4 star
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Schedule: Daily
Check-in: 9:15am
Duration: 7½ hours
Location: Sea Life Park
Transportation: Optional

Sea Life Park Hawaii - All-Day Dolphin Family Day Package

All-Day Family Package
Children: (3-12)
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Oahu Discount Tours -
Sea Life Park Dolphin Family Package
http://www.hawaiiactive.com/img/activity/oahu-slp-000-0.jpg Oahu Discount Tours with Sea Life Park All Day Family Package. Enjoy interacting with dolphins at Sea Life Park Honolulu, Hawaii.
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