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Hawaiian girl offers Honolulu Airport Lei Greeting, Oahu
Hawaiian girl offers Honolulu Airport Lei Greeting, Oahu Standard and Kwiki Hawaii leis Kukui nut and Ti leaf Hawaii leis Cigar and Honeymoon Hawaii leis Fragrant tuberose Hawaii leis Hawaiian girl and her Honolulu Airport Lei Greeting
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Customer Review by Jessica Mazurkiewicz
Posted July 14, 2014
    5 Activity Rating
    4 Crew Rating

The person who showed up spoke very low so it was hard to hear what she was saying but she was very nice.

Customer Review by Randolph S Johnson
Posted January 5, 2014
    4 Activity Rating
    4 Crew Rating
Customer Review by Patricia Fisk
Posted April 15, 2011
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating

No it was smooth and friendly

Customer Review by Patricia Saenz
Posted October 19, 2010
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating
Customer Review by sharon grey
Posted October 12, 2010
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating
Customer Review by Thys J De Young
Posted May 19, 2010
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating

The woman who greeted us was absolutely WONDERFUL! I am not quite sure the experience and lei were worth $28 each, so I felt a little taken advantage of. Nonetheless, she was sweet and it made my sister and friend smile.

Customer Review by Dorothy S Grant
Posted February 12, 2010
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating

Airport Lei Greetings at Honolulu International Airport

You can order a fresh flower Hawaiian lei greeting for your upcoming Hawaii vacation, or as a gift for your friends or family who will be visiting the Islands soon. Lei greetings make a delightful gift for honeymooners, first-time visitors, or anyone you'd like to arrange a special Hawaiian welcome for. Don't miss this wonderful Island custom!

Choose from 9 Lei Greetings

Standard Lei Greeting: Single strand of dendrobium orchids, carnations, plumerias, or combination of these.

Keiki (Child) Lei Greeting: Our standard lei made a little shorter to stay on the shoulders of a little one! (infant - 4 years old)

Fragrant Tuberose Lei Greeting: Immerse yourself in the intoxicating scent of the islands the minute you step foot off your plane! (all white or mixed with orchids)

Kukui Nut & Sea Shell Lei Greeting: This traditional Hawaiian Kukui Nut Lei will make a lasting impression!

Ti Leaf & Orchid Lei Greeting: a single strand of tropical flowers wrapped around an open-ended Ti Leaf Lei.

Fragrant Double Tuberose Lei Greeting: Your Double Tuberose Lei will be all white, or interspersed with flowers such as roses or orchids.

Cigar Lei Greeting: The Cigar Lei is a popular lei for men, made with 2,000 tiny orange-red tubular blossoms that resemble miniature lit cigars, tipped with white ash.

Deluxe Honeymoon Special Lei Greeting: Two matching Deluxe Leis. A romantic beginning in paradise at a very special price.

Ohana Special Lei Greeting: Enjoy 10% off when you choose our Ohana Special - Four beautiful Standard Leis for your family of four!


Location: Honolulu International Airport, Oahu
Days of Operation: 7 days a week
Times: 9:00am 9:00pm only.

Note: You will be offered the appropriate number of free leis in your check out form (One per $500 spent before taxes). When selecting, please include airline, flight number, arrival time on Oahu, and name of party. This offer is not to valid with any other discounts. Additional leis are available for purchase.

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Schedule: Daily
Check-in: 24 hrs/day
Location: Honolulu International Airport
Arrival Gate
Transportation: Not Available

Airport Lei Greetings Honolulu HNL

Standard Lei
Book Standard Lei Now
Keiki (Child) Lei
Book Keiki (Child) Lei  Now
Fragrant Tuberose Lei
Book  Fragrant Tuberose Lei  Now
Kukui Nut & Sea Shell
Book Kukui Nut & Sea Shell  Now
Ti Leaf & Orchid Lei
Book Ti Leaf & Orchid Lei Now
Fragrant Double Tuberose
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Cigar Lei Greeting
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Honeymoon Special
2 Deluxe Leis
Book Honeymoon Special2 Deluxe Leis Now
Ohana Special
4 Deluxe Leis
Book Ohana Special4 Deluxe Leis Now
Airport Lei Greetings Honolulu HNL Airport Lei Greetings Honolulu HNL, Oahu. Enjoy Hawaiian flower lei greeting at your arrival at Honolulu Airport with Aloha.
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