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Young child squats on a surfboard Three children take Maui Surfing lessons Surf Lessons on Maui For a man and a woman Woman catches big wave during surf lessons on Maui Young woman takes first Surf Lesson at Lahaina, Maui
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Maui Surf Lesson at Lahaina SurfMaui Surf Lesson at Lahaina Surf552
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Customer Review by Kim Christensen
Posted June 20, 2014
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Customer Review by Pierre Regibeau
Posted September 9, 2012
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This was superb. The kids would like to do more surfing at home, now. Very gentle introduction and a great confidence booster.


Surfing Lessons at Lahaina Surf

Introductory lesson focuses on giving the beginner surfer an easy approach based on safety, fundamentals and ocean-awareness. Our approach is based on easily learned instructions for paddling, navigating the surf zone, timing and catching waves, 4 fundamental surf stances, board maneuvering, stopping, and even wiping out. Patient professional instruction, excellent equipment, and the best waves possible for learning. Upon graduation, students are awarded a Beginner Surfer Diploma.

Itinerary about how to surf in just one Day

We keep it low pressure, safe and fun! Beginner group lessons are available to virtually everyone, and there are very few limitations when considering the age, weight, height, or swimming ability of the potential surfing student. Prior ocean experience is not necessary. Group class sizes will range between 1 to 5 students per instructor, guaranteed!

Learn From the Experts!
One of the most important aspects of learning how to surf is of course, access to the most ideal surfing locations for learning. Maui's coastline offers beginner surfers some of the most beautiful warm water surfing conditions in the world. The primary surf break where we teach is today known as the Breakwall, and is about as perfect as it gets for learning to surf. This sacred royal surfing location is positioned oceanside of the Lahaina Harbor and is a reknowned surfing playground of the Ancient Hawaiians.

Schedule: Monday through Saturday
Time: Classes at 7am, 8:30am, 10am, 11:30am, 1pm
Check-In: 30 minutes before class time
Location: Front Street, Lahaina.

Surfboard and gear are included!

What to bring: Swim suit, towel and sunscreen.
Fresh water showers, restrooms and small restaurants are available.
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Schedule: Daily
Check-in: Times Vary
Duration: 2 hours
Location: 505 Front Street
Transportation: Not Available

Surf Lessons - Lahaina Surf

2-Hour Group
Children: (12 & Up)
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2-Hour Private
Children: (10 & Up)
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2-Hour Lesson
2 students/couple
Children: (10 & Up)
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