Maui Sky Trek Helicopter & Van Tour

Maui Sky Trek Helicopter flies over Mount Haleakala crater
Northsore coastine Maui Maui Sky Trek Helicopter flies over Mount Haleakala crater Beach along the way on the road to Hana Waianapanapa State Park black sand beach Aerial view of Maui's North Shor Interior view of the van for Road to Hana tour

Sky Trek Helicopter Tour over Haleakala & Hana

Sky Trek was voted as "Maui's Best Activity Over All" by Maui Concierge Magazine! Experience the best of both worlds on the Hana Sky Trek Adventure!

Tour the famous road to Hana above and beyond in air-conditioned comfort and style in an exclusive luxury Limo-Van, and enjoy a flight-seeing Helicopter adventure over the spectacular Haleakala Crater.

Photo opportunities abound as many stops are made along this spectacular sea-coast drive including the quaint Hawaiian village of Keanae, Waikani Falls, and Waianapanapa State Park, to name just a few. Capture lifetime memories of cascading waterfalls and crystal clear pools. There will be plenty of time for a waterfall swim and a stroll through the lush beautiful tropical exotic flowers grown at Kakala Gardens.

30-Minute Helicopter Flight by Blue Hawaiian

Enjoy dramatic waterfalls hidden in the remote area of Maui's rainforest.
Soar high above Haleakala Crater, the world's largest inactive volcano. Enjoy stereo music and live narration throughout this breathtaking tour.


6:45am check-in Kahului Heliport
1:20pm return to Kahului Heliport

11:15am: check in Kahului Heliport
5:00pm: return to Kahului Heliport


3-hour Limo Van Tour, limited to 6 guests maximum
A-Star Jet Helicopter flights seeing tour
Beachside picnic-lunch served elegantly on white linen
Black-sand beach swim in Hana or waterfall swim
Exclusive tour of Kakala Gardens
Ice-cold soft drinks always available.
Sky Trek comfort seat charge applies to the flight portion of the tour as follows: 240-290lbs: $255.00, over 290lb: $344.00, couple combined weight over 420lb: $255.00, not incl. taxes (please call. if you book online, we will bill your card for the charges before sending your tickets)
Book children 24 months and older as Juniors and 23 months or younger as Children. Car seats will be provided for for the van portion and they will be seated in a parent's lap on the flight.

Customer Review by Qunicy M. Kiracofe
Posted January 30, 2013
    3 Activity Rating
    1 Crew Rating

The helicopter tour was awesome, and the tour guide was excellent.Absolutely, loved this part of the activity. The second leg of the activity which was the return from Hana was disappointing. Our tour guide was not clear on how long we would stay on location and seemed upset when we returned after exploring what was recommended by this tour guide. As a result, the remainder of our trip was very rushed with limited stops or explanation. When complaining back at the airport, we were told that part of the activity was sub-contracted out..the staff at Blue Hawaiian was great but I would not recommend Temptation Tours.

Customer Review by Juanito Bauza Cruz
Posted October 31, 2012
    2 Activity Rating
    4 Crew Rating

Didnt see what I had had hoped to see, waterfall!!!

Customer Review by Harriet B. Haslett
Posted March 26, 2011
    3 Activity Rating
    3 Crew Rating

The land guide was only okay ... difficult to listen to after awhile. Non-ending boring stories. The helicopter pilot was excellent ... very entertaining.

Customer Review by Ellen L Weiss
Posted September 13, 2010
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating
Customer Review by Douglas J Schmitz
Posted March 12, 2009
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating

Give Kelly a raise. He was way above par. He was not only a great guide but alsl a great person

Customer Review by Craig Battes
Posted November 20, 2008
    4 Activity Rating
    2 Crew Rating

Surfer Sue was our van driver and she was EXCELLENT and had a vast array of Hawaii knowledge. Emory was our helicopter pilot and had good knowledge, but our position in the helicopter was right behind him on the right. Not only couldn't we see in front of us, but he hardly turned the helicopter around so we could get more than a quick glimpse of Haleakula crater, waterfalls, and other sights he mentioned. We had very little time to take any pictures and no time to sedt up and take decent pictures. For the amount of money we paid, it was a disastrous, dismal 30 minute ride back for us. If the view is going to be so bad for those sitting behind the pilot, he should spend much more time viewing the sights with the right side of the helicopter turned to view them.

Customer Review by Allen W Hathaway
Posted July 17, 2008
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating

Not really. The guide (Buzz) was VERY knowledgeable and talked constantly about all manner of things, all very interesting. And the helicopter pilot (Al) was quite funny. All in all, an excellent tour.

Customer Review by Kaelyn Cervero
Posted September 18, 2007
    3 Activity Rating
    4 Crew Rating

Priced a little high for the experience.

Customer Review by Robert Bridgeman
Posted September 17, 2007
    4 Activity Rating
    4 Crew Rating

Guides were very pleasant but thought they could have imparted more knowledge. It seemed different groups got different levels of information. Would have liked a few more scenic stops on the way back from Hana. Not sure why we stopped for 20 minutes at the trinket shop in Paia(sp?) as there seemed to be nothing there.

Customer Review by Kurt & Marcy Wallace
Posted September 11, 2007
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating

highly recommend Temptation tours trip and Helo package. Very friendly crew, first class service. All that you would expect for a quality tour package. The luxury vans certainly beat the larger buses in comfort. The Helo ride was awesome as well.

Customer Review by Traci L Reandeau
Posted September 11, 2007
    4 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating

The lunch wasn't very good. The smoked chicken was a little off.

Customer Review by Zann Charlton
Posted September 9, 2007
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating

It was a wonderful experience with a very knowledgable guide. I learned a lot about the history of Hawaii and its people while enjoying the breath taking scenery.

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Helicopter Tour - Sky Trek

Sky Trek - Helicopter & Van Tour
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