Maui Downhill Bike Tour - Haleakala Ride

Group bicycles down Mt.  Haleakala on Maui
Group bicycles down Mt.  Haleakala on Maui Bicyclists watch the sunrise atop Haleakala People enjoying Maui Haleakala Bike Tours Big pasture halfway down Mount Haleakala on a bike tour People inside the visitor center of Mt. Haleakala at sunrise Watching the sunrise at the top Mt. Haleakala
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Maui Downhill Bike Tour - Haleakala RideMaui Downhill Bike Tour - Haleakala Ride552
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Customer Review by Harmony Mcafee
Posted October 3, 2014
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating

Ben and T were great! Thanks you guys!

Customer Review by Pierre Regibeau
Posted September 1, 2012
    5 Activity Rating
    5 Crew Rating

I would have liked to have known beforehand that the activity begins at 10,000 feet. This was physically hard for me. That being said, the crew was very well equipped for problems with health at this altitude.


Downhill Bike Tour from Haleakala Summit to Sea Level

Experience biking from summit to sea level on a guided 38-mile downhill ride with a comfortable mountain bike. While biking downhill, you'll view the stunning sunrises and colorful moonscapes of Maui, Hawaii, atop 10,023-foot Haleakala volcano to the clear, warm, turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean.

From 10,000-feet to sea-level...

Sunrise & Mid-Day Guided Tour
• Roundtrip transportation from your hotel or condominium to Haleakala.
• 16-mile downhill safari from just outside Halekala Natl Park at 7000-ft to Paia
• Visit House of the Sun Visitor Center at the rim of the crater
• Safari photo stops to capture the adventure
• Stop for a you-pay breakfast at a lovely upcountry restaurant.
• All bicycles, windbreakers, gloves and helmets provided

Sunrise & Mid-Day from 6,500 feet

• Ride starts from appx. 6,500 feet, just outside Halekala National Park. Pickup time approx. from 7:15 to 8:00am and return approx. at 3:15 to 4:00pm.
• Bring cash or credit card to pay for Upcountry Lunch at a fine Upcountry restaurant.
• All bicycles, windbreakers, gloves and helmets provided
• Two safari guides to escort you throughout the day with deluxe service
• All necessary gear is provided

Bike & Winery from 6,500 feet

Safari van tour ascends to the top of Haleakala Ranch at the 6500’ elevation outside the National Park. Tour Guides will go over a comprehensive safety briefing Including Hawaii’s bicycle safety regulations and tour guidelines.

Guidelines and Tips

• Wear warm clothing in layers.
• Competent riders - please, no beginners.
• Minimum 12 years of age.
• 5 feet tall guideline height.
• Wear close-toed rubber soled shoes.
• No beginners; you must know how to ride a bike.
• Riders must sign acknowledgement of risk and safety form.

Children must be at least 12 years old and at least 5 feet tall and pay the same price as adults.

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Schedule: Daily
Check-in: 5:00am
Duration: 7-8 hrs
Location: Haleakala
Transportation: Optional

Maui Downhill Bike Tour

Summit Sunrise
Children: (12 & Up)
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Summit Mid-Day
Children: (12 & Up)
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Value Mid-Day Ride
Children: (12 & Up)
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Haleakala Bike & Winery Tour
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Maui Downhill Bike Tour - Haleakala Ride Maui Downhill Bike Tour with downhill Bike Ride from summit to sea level. Enjoy a maui volcano downhill bicycle safari. Downhill bike tours on Maui.
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