Hawaii, Big Island Volcano Lava Flow Hike

Exploding Volcano at night in Hawaii
Exploding Volcano at night in Hawaii Hiking couple pose in front of hot lava on Big Island Volcano Tour Steam explosions where hot lava enters the Pacific Ocean Group of hikers survey lava field on Hawaii Volcano Hike Big Island Volcano Erupts at night and brilliant colors
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Hawaii, Big Island Volcano Lava Flow HikeHawaii, Big Island Volcano Lava Flow Hike551
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Lava Flow Discovery Hike Tour

Hike with a local guide in Volcanoes National Park where you are immersed in the fantastic terrain, microclimates, dynamic geology and flora of Kilauea volcano, unique in the entire world. Huge craters, steaming vents and molten lava (when access is feasible) are among the possibilities here on the youngest and most active of the Island's 5 volcanoes.

Itinerary for Hike to Kilauea's Sacred Places

Hawaiian Walkways' routes in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park encompass lush rain forests, lava tubes, steam vents, craters, a desert, islands of vegetation isolated by lava flows, and sometimes eruption sites with molten lava. We venture into seldom-visited corners of this active volcano, giving us uncrowded settings. Trail routes range from an easy "sampler" to hard-core. We usually cover some 6 miles.

Kilauea remains a sacred place for those who follow traditional Hawaiian practices. Our exploration of these varied realms opens us to the astonishing scientific story of island creation and evolution, and the remarkably insightful explanations of the people of old - ka po'e kahiko - for the phenomena they observed so well.

Eco Tour Operator of the Year

Hawaiian Walkways is a charter member of the Hawaii Eco-Tourism Association, and received the "Tour Operators of the Year" Award in 2002. "We will take you to places that are so beautiful and grand they take your breath away," say Dr. Hugh and Kaulana Montgomery (Owner-Operators), "to give an understanding of the Island and its people that will help you feel enriched; to share an appreciation of the interplay of sea (kai), land ('aina) and life (ola) unique to Hawaii."


Schedule: Daily, year-round
Duration: Up to 6 hours hiking
Difficulty/Length: Moderate, up to 6 mile hike
Location: Meet at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Visitor Center
Time: Check in 10:00am
Children: Minimum age 8. Children 8-12 pay a reduced price.

Included: Light backpacks, Rain Wear, Walking Sticks, Food and Beverages (Deli-Style lunch, Cookies, Macadamia Nuts, Juice/Soda, and Bottled Water). Naturalist Guide Services at the ratio of one guide per ten hikers

NOTE: When flowing lava is accessible, we will get groups as close as safely possible. The footing on hardened lava is rocky and uneven. Closed shoes are a must. Forest paths are smoother, mostly on natural surfaces.
Some routes involve descents into craters with elevation changes of up to 1000 feet total gain and loss. Because of the different climates in the Kilauea Volcano region, hikers need to be prepared for sunny, hot weather (with a sun hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen) and for cool, perhaps misty weather (with a light jacket/sweatshirt).

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Schedule: Daily
Check-in: 10:00am
Duration: 6 hours
Location: Volcanos National Park
Visitor Center
Transportation: Not Available

Lava Flow Discovery Hike

Volcano Lava Flow Discovery Hike
Children: (8-12)
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